The Top 10 Business Opportunities Are The Worst 10 Business Opportunities


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Most business magazines or business websites will, at some point or another, publish lists about the top 10 business opportunities, top 10 business startups, top 10 business ideas, or other similar top 10's for budding entrepreneurs. Here is one such top ten from Inc Magazine; it is their list of top 10 industries to start and grow a business:

  1. Internet Services & Data Processing: 2 billion people are expected to be online by 2010
  2. Computer Systems & Related Services: Employment at computer design and service firms is projected to grow 55% by 2012
  3. Software: 68% more software publishing jobs are expected to be created in The United States by 2012
  4. Employment Services: By 2012, employment in the employment services field is expected to grow by 54%
  5. Management, Science, & Technical Consulting: The number of businesses needing help with drafting business plans, budgets, and international strategies will grow and there is an expected 55% increase in the number of consultants to provide these services by 2012
  6. Home Health Care: Changes in demographics and medical advancements will spur employment in specialized home health to grow 54.5% by 2012
  7. Personal Financial Advisory Services: Baby boomers will require financial advice, boosting employment in financial advisory services in the next ten years
  8. Childcare Services: More women entering the workforce will help boost employment in childcare services 43% by 2012
  9. Arts & Entertainment: Baby boomers will have plenty of money to spend on leisure when they retire and employment in the entertainment sector is projected to increase 31% as a result
  10. Motion Picture & Video: The number of people employed in the motion picture/video industry is expected to grow 31% over the next ten years

This top 10 list by Inc Magazine is similar to other top 10 lists by other business magazines and websites. Many are touting the same or similar businesses as the best businesses for entrepreneurs to start. But, to me, I find this ironic. Most successful entrepreneurs don’t become successful by doing what everybody else is doing; they become successful by creating new and innovative companies.

Just the fact that respected magazines like Inc Magazine publish such lists will mean that there will be hundreds, if not thousands, more people rushing to start businesses in those industries. That means even more competition and even less likelihood of success for any one participant in those given industries. The top 10 business opportunities but actually be the worst 10 business opportunities.

What are the real top 10 business opportunities? Nobody knows because nobody can publish the real business opportunities. But I do know that they will be leaders in whatever industry they are and that they will create new markets and new demands. We don’t know what they are but in 2012 Inc Magazine will probably publish the top ten businesses started in the last ten years and none will be any of the business opportunities listed above.

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