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Professional Coaches-Do You Have All the Clients You

Judy Cullins

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Maybe your are an emerging coach with only a few years experience. You love your work, but wonder how you can build your client numbers to all you can handle. Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't you also like to know easier, less-expensive, and faster ways to attract new clients and keep them?

Here's Sure-Fire Ways to Make the Most of your Present Marketing.

1. Know the value of marketing. It's the only way you will expand your business. Without it, your business will languish and you'll have to go back to that job for needed income. Think of marketing as an investment.

2. Turn your intention into action. Right now, start a business marketing account by saving 5-10% of your present income. Create that special bank account. Put some attention on being a highly-paid excellent coach in your field.

3. . Educate yourself about the internet. You've heard it has You know you can use some internet marketing coaching. Get it from another successful coach in this arena. Attend telelclasses, buy books on advanced article marketing and make your web site a selling one with a soft sales letter about your services. Checking with most coaches, they say they don't have this. But they do have their mission statement on the home page. (that doesn't really sell you).

4. Let go of your fear about the internet. You've heard it has magical powers. Yes, you are in fear of something new to learn, but if you don't get this part, you just can't market effectively. To overcome your fear one thing you can do is begin. Call a friendly internet marketing coach. Ask mentors how they did it. Check out successful web sites and successful coaches who market every day. When you take some action, your fear dissipates.

5. Get a coach to help you avoid making terrible, expensive mistakes. One client came to me after she spent a lot of search engine optimization with Google ads and pay-per-click plans. Me too! A lot of wasted money and the management time was far more than writing a short article to speed up a place at the top of the search engine lists. And, to make your web site a Mecca where your clients come to not only get free content, but also get needed coaching. and buy useful products.

6. Prove you're an expert in your field. Write a short eBook and write a lot of articles to keep your name on the word's lips as the savvy expert in your field. Share your writing with other ezines, start your own ezine and put it out once a month.

7. Make sure your web site is as excellent as you are. Think about your home page. Does it include benefits for using you as a coach? Is it short and easy without long copy about you? Most professionals put up at least two or three web sites because for the first one, they didn't know much. When you offer your ezine, do you also include its benefits? Before you ever call a webmaster, you need to write sales copy for your site that compels your visitors to come back.

Book and Internet Marketing Coach, Judy Cullins, can help you build credibility and clients, sell a lot of books, and make maximum profits. Author of 13 books including Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast and The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic" Get her free eBook “20 High Octane Book Writing and Marketing Tips" and two free monthly ezines at


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Reel in New Clients and Keep Your Current Clients Mesmerized With Every Email ..
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