Writing Killer Ads: 5 Tips to Help you Stand from the Crowd


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Before I begin let me state this. I'm sure you've heard that you only got a few seconds to capture a prospects attention and make the sale. Is that enough time to convince someone that your product or ad has something special about it? Well, it's not. That is why you should be extra careful when writing those small ads. Not only you have to capture your reader's attention but you have to concise them that your ad will lead them to what they are looking for.

And here are the tips:

Writing killer ads tip#1: The headline. Maybe you've heard that when it comes to small ads the headline is the most important part of your ad. Try to keep your headline to 6-8 words. Try to present what your product will help the customer do in a clear and concise way. Do not capitalize your sentence or you'll scare your customer. Many people will think you even yell at them. Instead capitalize the first letter of every word. Also, use descriptive words to make a clever call to action through the rest of your ad.

Writing killer ads tip#2: Do you have something free to offer? Maybe a report or an ebook to help you grow your prospect list. Well, this is important. Try to use this free offer to grab your reader's attention. Mention the free offer when writing your ad. We all like free stuff. I don't know about you, but when I see a small ad with a free offer I could easily click on it. And that's the case for most Internet users out there.

Writing killer ads tip#3: Unless you are a successful copywriter or Internet marketer or someone who is so talented at writing ads, you need to imitate the successful players. There are thousands of ads all over the web. Almost any website utilizes Google adsense. Those ads are Google adwords ads and they have been approved by the Google stuff. So take some time to look at what others are writing and how they choose to promote their products. Pay attention to those ads that are pointing to popular websites or big companies. How do they write their ads?

Writing killer ads tip#4: Always test the results of your ads. Over and over again. Don't just write an ad and wait for customers to click on them and purchase the product. Sometimes ads needs revising. Try to make small changes and re-test. If you get better results then use that change you've made to revise your other ads too. It's a good idea to test and make changes to one ad at a time. That way you will easily spot the magic change that made the difference.

Writing killer ads tip#5: Always proof-read what you write. Also, make sure the links are working correctly. We all hate careless spelling mistakes and non-working links. Even if your ad is really eye-catching and convincing, there's no way to disappoint a reader more than to send him to a “Page Not Found" link and even more to the wrong address. Always pay attention to those small details. Detail matters.

That is all for now. Happy ad writing. I wish you write the killer ad that will make you stand from the rest of the millions of ads out there.

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So You Want to be Successful Then Learn to Stand Out From the Crowd
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