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Jimmie Newell

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If you have been is sales for any length of time you have been exposed to numerous sales training seminars or full-fledged sales programs. Some you may have decided to take part in on your own, some you may have had suggested by someone else, and others you may have been directed to take part in.

Many companies or corporations adopt a particular training program or system to use and make available to their sales force. If you have changed companies, or if the sales management team in your company has changed you may be asked to buy into a new and different system

Sales systems or programs are almost as numerous as the number of retired sales executives from almost any major corporation and they all tout their particular program as being the best. Most are just a different spin on the same tried and true techniques that have been used since the beginning of human interaction. Finding a need and filling that need is still the basis of any sales transaction.

This does not mean that these sales systems or programs have no value, far from it…each is somehow different and unique, maybe some of the names and labels are different, a particular technique may have a different name or the sales cycle may have different steps in different places, more emphasis can be placed on different parts of the sales cycle.

However the real value of any of these countless programs is the presenter. Just as each of us is different and unique, the presenters or instructors are also different and unique. They all have a different way of speaking, they use different words, they use different persuasion techniques, and they use different speech patterns and different words to describe things. Listen to any two different presenters give exactly the same presentation, and almost every student of attendee will hear different things, they will retain and learn different things. Even listening to the same presenter give the same presentation will change what you hear or retain.

The natural inclination of most people is to discount or avoid what they have seen or heard already, this however is not what you should do. Think about the last time you saw a movie you had already seen, did you see or hear something that you missed the first time? Most people will respond with a resounding yes. It works exactly the same way. We all learn differently, we all retain different information, and we all use what we hear and learn differently. When I am presented with the opportunity or directive to attend a sales training presentation or program, I anticipate that I will be presented with information that I am familiar with…but also look forward to how it will be presented and what I will learn that is new and therefore beneficial. I know that no matter how many times I have been taught how to sell, there will be a new twist or an easier way for me to implement or use a technique or method that I am already familiar with.

This is only one of the many opportunities to learn in the sales field, there are many. “Google", “sales training" and you come up with countless training and coaching courses, seminars, books, cd’s, dvd’s, or any other format you can think of. The range of prices is almost as wide as the number of offerings. Peruse the business section of any major bookstore and you will books on all of the latest buzzwords in the sales and marketing field.

To become the best you can be in the sales profession, no matter what you sell or how long you have been doing it, take advantage of what is offered, continue to learn at every opportunity and will you soar far above your peers!

Jim Newell is the publisher of http://www.RoadWarrior101.com/rw101blog an online portal for Resources, Information, and Survival Tips for the on the road Sales Professional. Visit the website at http://www.RoadWarrior101.com.


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