Simple Steps to Build a Better Team - Part 1 (of 3)


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Most people have all experienced bad management at some time or another, either directly or when looking at other departments. Some managers just seem unable to get the best out of their team, creating an atmosphere of low morale and destroying any motivation.

So what are the root causes? Put simply - attitude. A manager with the right attitude has a positive effect on their team.

Many new managers try to make changes in order to please their managers. But change needs to be managed carefully. A motivated, well-built team will always manage change better than a fragmented and demoralised team. So before introducing any significant changes, the team needs to be receptive and ‘on-side’.

Managers will often feel that it is their job to be dynamic to get things done. If not done carefully, this can come across as being aggressive and pushy, which will alienate the team. A team that has been carefully built will tolerate the occasions when this is necessary.

Finally, a manager often sees the big decisions as being theirs alone. This attitude tells a team that their contribution is of no value so they will feel less inclined to contribute. If you build your team carefully, they will accept this when it is necessary.

These run right through from the CEO down. Looking at the above causes should tell you that you need to value your team. Treat them as people and make sure that they have opportunities to contribute to corporate and departmental decisions. When everyone in your organisation is pulling in the same direction, you will achieve better results.

OK, so now you need some team building. There are two common responses from staff . . .

* Great, a day out of the office!

* Oh no! Not another team building day!

. . neither of which are positive. In the second part of this article, I will let you into the secrets of building a great team without even leaving the office! Then when you organise a team building day, staff will look forward to it. Which will be the subject of the 3rd part of the article!

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Brain Fitness Build Motivation With These 3 Stunningly Simple Steps
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