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Tommy Yan

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One of the most fulfilling work and greatest profit centers you will come across is selling your personal line of information products. Imagine producing products that have very little out-of-pocket expense but have the potential to rake in 100%, 1,000%, or more in Return On Investment. The answer is packaging your knowledge, skills and experience into CDs, DVDs, in print, online, seminar, or coaching formats.

You'll be instantly categorized as a leading expert in your field. You'll create instant credibility. Joint venture deals will begin to materialize. And other industry experts will hunt you down for a consultation.

It's one of the fastest ways to make a name for yourself. Imagine your name spreading like wildfire throughout the Internet. And you'll capture the attention of peers, competitors and leaders in niche markets.

What to do:

1) For print materials type your knowledge into articles, special reports, newsletters, books, or workbooks. If you type as slow as I do, you can make a recording and hire a college business intern to transcribe it. Also, it's a good idea to run it by an editor before your publishing date.

2) For audio products you can produce a single sampler CD, a CD album, or a series of live teleseminar trainings. These have a higher perceived value and can make you lots more money. Especially if you package them in a nice clamshell album with attractive artwork.

3) For video products you can record a weeknight workshop, a weekend conference, or a five-day bootcamp. Bring your own cameraman and use hi-tech equipment for best quality. For larger events, think about using two cameras. It really adds in creating a larger than life event.

And for the sanity of your DVD viewers, pan the camera once in a while. Zoom in on the individual asking a question. Don't leave the camera in a fixed position. This is not the 1960's with Walter Cronkite.

4) For online products you can create e-zines, e-books, mp3 files, e-courses, and downloadable product brochures. Work with your webmaster to make your products easy to view and download. Never assume what works best in one type computer will work best for the rest of the online community.

Please be aware: Mp3 is a compressed file and is great for home computers, laptops, IPods, and mp3 players. But at this time, not all cars are equipped to play them.

E-books and brochures can be saved in a PDF file. Most PC and Mac users already have Adobe Acrobat Reader and can read PDFs.

E-courses can be sent via autoresponder. Your scholar gets lesson one right away and the rest of the course follows accordingly. You can program your lessons to arrive daily, weekly or at three-day intervals.

5) For coaching products you can plan personal one-on-one telephone sessions, online distribution channels, or lead a mastermind group. You have to be at the top of your game when answering questions and addressing concerns. Since you are considered a leading expert in your industry by this time, coaching can become very lucrative for you.

One of my coaches conducted a 12-month course and marketed to his database. He gave a lesson each month, passed out homework, and corrected the assignments. All through e-mail. He didn't spend one dime.

There were over two dozen participants. We each paid $7,000 or more. It was worth every penny.

Can you see why this business rocks? Can you see yourself collecting huge fees for your information? What knowledge do you possess that uniquely separates you from current experts?

Maximizing your profits. . .

If you want to leverage your information products, bundle your knowledge into larger packages. Turn them into programs or systems that will promise a desired result. People will pay more money for a desired result.

Here's how you benefit. . .

Adding a workbook to your seminar will increase your live event's value. Offering six months of telecoaching after a bootcamp will greatly augment attendance. And bundling CDs, DVDs, and printed materials into a home study course can dramatically raise its perceived value.

Information products can make you a nice residual income for life. You produce it once, and with consistent marketing, it can sell forever. Which is a very nice way to make stay-at-home income.

Tommy Yan helps business owners and entrepreneurs make more money through direct response marketing. He publishes Tommy's Tease weekly e-zine to inspire people to succeed in business and personal growth. Get your free subscription today at .

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What is spiritual knowledge? What is religious, arts and science knowledge?
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