Real Estate Postcards: Using a Newsletter Format

Brandon Cornett

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The following question comes from a real estate postcard survey I emailed to more than 3,000 agents and brokers. From hundreds of responses, I compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about real estate postcards. This is one of those questions.

I send postcards in newsletter format. Is there real success in using them?

That depends on how you define “success" in this particular case. If your goal is to educate the people in your farming area, then the newsletters can help you achieve your goals. But if you're hoping for a direct response, you'll probably need to send something with a little more “oomph. "

Or . . . you could keep sending your newsletters, but add in one of the “Super Card" concepts. For example, go back nine questions to where I was explaining the online resource website. You could easily tie this type of concept into your existing newsletter program.

Maybe the front of the newsletter has your usual content, while the back showcases the “Ultimate Real Estate Resource Center, " or whatever you wanted to call your new website. Build some lead-generating “conversation starters" into your website, and you've got a potential business-builder!

You don't always have to overhaul your real estate postcard program to improve response rates. Sometimes you can simply improve what you're already doing. Keep in mind also that you cannot tie success to any particular medium (such as a direct mail newsletter), because within that medium there will inevitably be both successes and failures. For example, some television ads achieve huge success, while other ads are dismal failures and get pulled within the first week.

The same is true for any type of marketing medium. You have to try things for yourself to see what works and what doesn't. Don't ever listen to people who say, “Well, that didn't work for me, so it's a waste of time. "

Good luck with your real estate marketing !

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