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As in every business, if you chose to work from home on line you must have in mind your customers trust. You need their trust because thus you will get them to come back over and over again and even maybe expand your network through potential partners. Here are a few ways through which you can gain your customers trust:

Testimonials are probably one of the most important way to gain people’s trust. They are so powerful just because you don’t have control of them they’re true opinions of your customers. Testimonials might be the nudge people might need to buy your product, simply by reading about someone else’s pleasant experience.

Testimonials are also very easy to obtain. Just ask someone who makes the slightest positive comment, after buying your product, if you can use that comment as a testimonial. As a bonus, offer to put their link on your website and most people will agree.

Testimonials are a powerful tool in gaining your customers trust, so use them wherever you like. Put them at the start of your sales letter, in the middle, or at the end. Put them on the side of your website or create a page just for them and create links to it. Use them as often as possible.

Offering guarantees is another way in which you will get your visitor’s trust. Try to offer a very powerful guarantee for your products. In this way people will think wisely about your product and services and the chances of them asking for their money back drops almost to 0.

Try to make your guarantee as irresistible as possible. If you take all of your visitors worries and assure them nothing will go wrong, you will succeed in gaining their trust. If you want your business to be an honest one you will probably offer a guarantee anyway so why not make the guarantee part of your offer thus removing all risk from your customers.

Now you have most of your customer’s trust, but you know that your website is a real home based business opportunity, and I’m sure you want to have your customer’s full confidence.

For that you must offer a professional order taking service. Most people still aren’t fully sure of purchasing products online with their credit cards. They will be concerned about your order service professionalism. Your order taking systems should look neat. You need to make it as easy to use and as nice to use as possible. Don’t hassle your customers.

If you use a third party such as PayPal make sure your lead-in looks good and professional. Just because these companies take care of the transactions it doesn’t mean you have to look bad when presenting your products. Give your customers the possibility to mail in an order. Seeing a mailing address, even if it is a P. O. box, is a great way to gain they’re trust. Do whatever you can to make your website look as professional as possible. This will show your customers you are serious and gain their trust. A good content and the things I pointed out will lead you to a successful online business.

Razvan Rovinaru is the owner of the Work From Home On Line Blog, where he gives you step by step guidance on how to start and develop a successful home based internet business.


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