Selling Techniques, Strategies And Scripts, Is It Enough

Jim Masson

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Selling Techniques, Strategies and Scripts, is it enough? Most salespeople and most sales trainers believe it is which is why there are so many weak, under trained and failing salespeople.

Do selling techniques, strategies and even scripts work? Of course. Many are very effective, however, if they are all that a salesperson relies on, they will be selling less than they could. In addition, they will maintain less profit in their transactions. They will have customer satisfaction issues in many cases and they will have self esteem issues over much of their career.

The consequence for business is a high rate of sales staff turnover for a variety of reasons ranging from poor performance to team members looking for greener pastures. Customer loyalty will take a beating as well.

Ok, by now you should be asking, “What's missing?" Here it is. The psychological training that allows salespeople to understand what goes on in the prospect's mind throughout the selling process or as I would prefer to call it, the selling ‘experience’. Understanding that will empower the salesperson to avoid many of the ‘landmines’ they regularly step on during the sales cycle.

The prospect enters the selling arena with two basic things, a need and fear at various levels. A master salesperson must fill the need and remove the fears in order to do business. For that to happen consistently, and without relying solely on luck, the salesperson must be trained and coached to understand what is in the minds of his or her prospects.

However, that is still not nearly enough because the salesperson also comes to the sales experience with a need and with fear, sometimes more fear than the prospect. The salesperson's basic need is to secure the sale and get paid. But there are often other perceived needs as well, such as the need to be accepted or appreciated by the prospect, a manager or even a coworker.

A few of the fears that control many salespeople include fear of failure, fear of rejection and even fear of success for some. Any salesperson that is not trained and coached to understand what is going on in his or her own mind may regularly find himself or herself on an emotional rollercoaster or experiencing early career failure.

Salespeople who try to grind out a living solely by using selling techniques, tips, strategies or scripts will be leaving a lot of business on the table.

Sales managers who don't have their staff trained in these areas will most certainly have higher staff turnover, lower gross profits and poorer customer satisfaction.

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