Entrepreneurs – The Disadvantages Of Working For Yourself


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Being an entrepreneur has plenty of disadvantages. Here's why becoming an entrepreneur and working for yourself is bad:

  • You know how you sometimes go to work but really don't work? You pretend to work but you're really playing solitaire. You can't do that if you're an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have to work; if they don't work, nobody will be there to cover their slack and they won't get paid.
  • You know how you can blame your colleague at the adjacent cubicle when you make a big mistake at work? Entrepreneurs never have anyone to blame but themselves.

    People will know when an entrepreneur fails.

  • You know how you think that kissing your boss’ ass can get you ahead? Being fake doesn't help an entrepreneur.
  • You know how you sometimes pretend to be sick and play hookey from work because there's better things to do than your job? Entrepreneurs sometimes work even when they really are sick.
  • You know how you love to complain about not getting the raise the you are so entitled to? Entrepreneurs sometimes have months where they are just barely scraping by, especially in the early days of starting a new business.
  • You know how you don't like to help others at work because you only get paid to do the job you were hired for? Entrepreneurs sometimes have to do it all – marketing, managing, accounting, sales, PR, accounts receivable, filing, answering phones – sometimes they are a jack-of-all-trades.
Actually… come to think of it, entrepreneurship may not be that bad after all!

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