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Staying fit and looking younger is a cherished dream which all, irrespective of age, sex or creed, want to realize. This vision has given birth to a new generation, christened “fitness freaks. " Typical characteristics include lack of time, faster lifestyles, endless attempts to be fit or rather slimmer (slim is the latest synonym to fit), crazy eating habits, and a new schedule every morning. Among the many cities most undoubtedly fitting these criteria is Manhattan. The unnerving demands and complicated lifestyles embedded in the regular functioning of Manhattan certainly make even stronger grounds for a fitness center business there.

Starting Up: While setting up a new venture, a crucial determinant and a deciding factor is the associated financial investment and risk. The basic requisites of the fitness center business like the equipment and machinery are expensive and demand investment; however, this factor in itself promises growth. Confused? Well don’t be. The logic is simple: To be fit, one requires all these modern equipment, but high price tags certainly make them unaffordable. The fitness center, then, is the only solution. This, in fact, is a prime factor if you plan to start up a fitness center.

In the same context, while planning your finances, be clear about the host of services you intend to provide. The center can either be a one-stop destination for all, or it can specialize in few selected categories. The choice relies heavily on your investment capabilities.

The Human Touch: If machines could provide all services, robots would have certainly replaced us in all fields. But this, thankfully, has not happened and the reason behind it lays the ground for your second most important ingredient.

Ever wondered why mothers cook better than wives? This is not to offend anyone, but the point is that the personal touch and the right attitude make the difference. And this difference can be reinforced by employing efficient and qualified trainers. Remember, people are there not because you have just the equipment, but they are there because they believe that your center can make the difference. So give them the gift of personal attention and close care.

The Spread Strategy: A carefully detailed marketing outlay is the gateway to success. The spread strategy or tapering the target segment entails various elements like an advertisement campaign, which could include drafting and distributing service pamphlets in the neighboring area, introducing special memberships to retain customers, and offering occasional packages to further lure the target segment. A positive word-of mouth, once initiated, can earn you the rewards unsurpassed by any other mode of marketing. Maintaining a customer feedback book and organizing frequent market surveys also help.

Turn To Basics: Starting up a fitness center in Manhattan is an interesting proposition and with the basics done right, the rewards are promising. Remember, in this industry, the results and quality of service determine the fate, so just gear up and make the most of the fitness drive.

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