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Writing is an important vent for emotions but is equally complicated if meant for a local audience, especially Portland’s audience. The city’s intrinsic structure and accommodation patterns can, if nothing else, assure you the most varied audience one could cater to. To whom do you direct your newsletter is a difficult decision if published and distributed in Portland.

The seaport city offers an entry point and is a financial and industrial sector and a strong trading point. The residents and everyday guests are from two different segments that would obviously have their specific interests. To further add to the complications, Portland proudly has restricted urban expansion and has thereby divided its own internal structures into two, the metropolitan area and the outside section, not to mention the varied interests and choices.

Therefore, while planning your newsletter in Portland, among the key decisions, choosing your target audience is the most important one. Only after focusing on a specific interest group can you move forward.

Here some might argue that more than the target audience, the purpose of having a newsletter at all is more crucial. Well, if you analyze, they are two ends to the same means. The purpose is directed towards people and focusing on a specific group is equally dependent on what you intend to convey. For instance, if your newsletter is concentrated on the city’s latest buzz and the gossip in town, the target audience would, of course, be the teen group or tourists. A regular visiting businessman would be least interested.

The Medium: How do you plan to reach out? This is the electronic era, and having a soft copy sent in the mail is a good proposition. The obvious assumption is that your customers have the appropriate access. For the traveling businessman, a hard copy could be handy. The same would be viable for students residing in hostels. Alternatively, an e-mailed copy can guarantee you higher circulation and global reach.

The Operating Patterns and Scope: It is important to be very clear about the operational scope and feasibility before you start up. Whether the treatment is very professional or the approach is of a part-timer makes a substantial difference. The start up drastically varies in both situations and must be accordingly planned.

Once these basic concerns have been catered to, the other details come into the picture: the outlay, the resource generators, advertising, and finances. As for the outlay and marketing strategy, you can either locate a professional (if planned on a large scale) or can attempt it yourself (again, depends on the scope of the newsletter).

If you have the creativity and can put together your findings and thoughts in an interesting way, publishing a newsletter is not difficult. Portland further gives you an option to be more specific and concrete about your expressions.

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