How To Prepare And Plan For Business Disruption And Continuity


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Businesses can sometimes fail. Wrong investments, fraud, crime, or natural disasters can take a toll on businesses. The recovery process depends on your disaster preparedness and business disruption and continuity plans. This article discusses how to keep a plan in place for business disruption and how to make a quick recovery if your business fails. Here are some points to keep in mind when making business disruption and continuity plans for any contingency:

1) Plan Well in Advance: The better your business disruption planning, the quicker the recovery process. Consider all disaster scenarios and keep a plan ready for when you need it.

Many organizations are hesitant to spend on anti-virus software or any other tool to protect their business, since they believe they are not required. However, it is best to be prepared for business disruption and spend a little now rather than spend a lot later.

2) Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Distribute the financial and other aspects of your business between different locations and branches so if one branch fails, the others should not be affected. The same goes for data. If data is destroyed or crucial CDs stolen, you should be able to recover the data quickly. Have a good data backup system in place and update it regularly.

3) Keep the Business Disruption Plan Up to Date: It is not enough to make a plan and then forget all about it. You need to keep updating the business disruption plan as your business model changes or expands. Every time you restructure the business, ensure that your business disruption plan has the changes factored in.

4) Rapid Business Recovery: The business disruption plan should enable your business to recover as fast as possible. The more time you spend away from the customers, the weaker the business recovery chances become. Competitors will draw all your clients away if it takes too long for your business to recover.

5) Communications: While drawing up a business disruption and continuity plan, consider how to keep the channels of communication with the appropriate people open. You need to be able to pass information quickly and to the appropriate people and have things organized as soon as possible.

A good business continuity plan helps you tide over business disruption caused by crime, sabotage, accidents, and other calamities. In addition to being helpful for your business recovery, a sound business disruption plan is mandatory through acts like Sarbanes Oxley. You not only need to have a good business backup plan in place but also be able to prove its effectiveness to external auditors.

Business professionals can help you plan for any unfortunate business disruption and help you put in place a foolproof data recovery and communication system.

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