Words That Compel Your Customers To Buy From You

Roy Keller

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When you sit down to compose your ad copy keep in mind that all the best copy writers will tell you to be sure to use those “special key" words that will influence your customer to buy. Years of marketing research has been done, and will continue to go on for years to come in the never ending quest for those targeted advertising ways to get us to buy, especially from some one we do not know. Though from time to time the words or their effectiveness may change slightly for the most part there seems to be those standard over used ones that we keep buying into, even if the product we buy is not exactly up to our expectations of what we thought we were buying. To me it seems as though these words have some kind of mind altering power of sorts. Let’s take a look at them, and be honest with yourself when you read them, and must admit to yourself, man I get pulled in every time on this word or that one or many of them.

1) New. This can come in several forms; new and improved, new never seen before now, completely new, new information, new technology, new results, and new tastes. You get the idea, anything to get you to “feel" as though this “new" product or service is just what you need to improve the quality of your life.

2) Important. This word can and usually does establish the fact that this is possibly information that you can not do without. It may be crucial in order to make needed changes in ones life. This word can also lead the ad copy directly into the next key word on our list, which is…. .

3) Limited. The power button of words that say buy this now or forever be without it. You could be the only one on your block that has this unique item or service or “embarrassing" as it will be, you may be the only one on your block that missed out on such a fantastic deal. Time is of the essence when you see for a “limited" time only.

4) Fast. So act “fast" so that you can be ahead of the pack. This word can also be used to make you a promise or two. This business promises you fast results, fast ordering, fast delivery, etc.

5) Guaranteed. Now come on you know that you are just like myself and everyone else. We all want guarantees with anything we spend our hard earned money on, or we just will not buy.

6) Easy/Simple. In today’s world of pushing all that we can onto our plate we want more and more things to be “ easy and or simple". We want everything to be, easy to use, easy to buy/order, simple instructions, simple payment methods, etc, you get the idea.

7) You/Your. Ad copy that makes things personal with these words have always been successful and more than likely always will. Making an ad personal entices people to read more of the ad since they feel as though they are important enough that this ad is speaking to them personally.

8) Testimonial. This is the word that validates the product or service. After all these are real people like you and me that have already purchased this product or service and think so highly of it that they have taken the “time" to write to the company an give them their “unsolicited" words of praise. The first of three “hook-em" words.

9)Discount/Sale. “Hook-em" number two, which can be made to seem even more “important", when the ad ties in, for a “limited" time, “you" can get this “new" product before anyone else, but “you" must act “fast" while supply lasts, it is “easy and simple" to place “your “ order today.

10) Free. Probably the biggest “hook-em" of all. As a bonus just for those of “you" that act “fast" and use our “easy" order form to get this “new" and incredible product during this special “limited" offer at our “discounted" launch price we will include this bonus item totally “free", for today only.

Well there you have just ten of those words that I think of as having some sort of mind altering power, which compels us to make that purchase, “today". How many of them have enticed “you" to make an “important" purchase lately, and did “you" get “your" “guarantee" with that “new" item? Some times it is fun to look back over just what it was in an ad or product promotion that inspired us to finally make a purchase, that is if we are happy with what we got, otherwise I doubt it was fun at all. Just take a few moments to look around your home at anything new that you purchased recently and, while being honest with yourself think back to the day that you purchased it and how many of these words “got you". Hopefully this proves to be fun for you, which would mean that you are happy with all the new things that you have purchased.

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On Prompting Customers To Buy Your Brand!
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