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Roy Keller

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Whether you run a brick and mortar store front, (off-line store), or you are an internet marketer, everyone knows that profits are what it’s all about. If your business is not producing profits then you are not going to be in business for very long. That is unless you are independently filthy rich and have nothing better to do with your money. How do we increase profits, well the two basic ways come to mind. We could increase the selling price or we could increase the number of sales. It is my opinion that the second choice is the best and more acceptable method to choose. Selling your product or service for a fair market value as opposed to an over inflated price will draw more attention, therefore raising the opportunity for increased sales. The marketer that over inflates the selling price stands a better chance of driving away the market wise shopper. See if the following thoughts are not fuel for that blazing inferno.

When constructing your website or community image, establish the image that you are a real person not just another website, or corner store. Start by creating a profile page or an about us page where you can write a short informational paragraph about yourself and or your family, include a picture of yourself, and a history of your experience in your field of business. This could also be done with a press release as well.

Everyone loves to gain more knowledge, even about things they already know so you could publish your own e-book and give it away for free on your site as well as in your free e-zine or free news-letter. This should increase your site traffic, subscribers, and sales, which as we said, more sales equals more profits.

Really stoke those flames with multiple streams of income on your site by promoting affiliate programs, selling your own products and you could even sell advertising space, and have a Google AdSense program on your site.

When you are selling your own products remember to research the market first before creating those products. Without any demand for your product you will not have sales.

Do not overwhelm your customers by having too many products or services on your site at one time. In many cases too many choices drives customers away do to confusion of which item to buy, instead of making a sale. If you have a large variety of items to offer try displaying them on your site in a rotating fashion.

Also remember you can place items on your “Thank Page", which will become your immediate backend sales. Make these high profit impulse items, items that your customer will feel they can not do without.

Establish your credibility by always having a “Contact Page", the more ways of contacting you that you give your customers the more apt they will come to trust you and continue to return to your site and buy from you.

You should always promote what you are selling in all the content and free give a-ways on your site . Should visitors to your site not read your sales pitch they will most often read your free offerings. Any downloadable written informational item that you give a-way should always be branded with link backs to your site and products.

Along with the idea of creating your image as a person keep in mind that even customers like to be complimented from time to time. Therefore in the construction of your sales page and within the content of your website be sure to strategically place general compliments to your customers, this will place them in a good mood and you will win their trust, thus inspiring them to buy from “you".

Be sure not to forget to always use the “P. S. " in your ad copy. This serves as a multifunctional tool for any ad copy, where you will have your “call to action" phrase, your “major Free Bonus", and or repeating a very “strong benefit" of doing business with you.

So what do you think, will these methods stoke that blazing inferno of profits for you if used properly? Should you doubt their importance even slightly just take a look at the more successful marketers, whether on-line or off-line and see just how many of these marketing methods they utilize in their ad campaigns, direct mail ad copy, in store signs, or what ever advertising media they use. I have seen all these methods find success over my thirty-three years in retail sales.

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