Overcoming Your Interview Nerves The Smartest Way

Peter Fisher

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Interviews can be quite daunting; especially if you have not been to one for some time or if the last one was a bad experience. But overcoming your interview nerves is really quite easy if you apply your intelligence and do some realistic preparation.

Interview nerves tend to be worse when you know you haven't prepared and have put off thinking about the very obvious questions they will ask. Have you ever noticed how much worse your nerves become when you repeatedly tell yourself “I'm going to fail this interview" or “I'm worried what they will ask me about"? Yet you can do some simple preparation very quickly.

What every interviewer wants to know fall into just 4 key areas:

* Why are you here?

* What can you do for us?

* What sort of person are you?

* Can we afford you?

So at the very least you must prepare for these four areas of questioning.

If they ask you “Why did you apply for this job?" in other words “Why are you here?" Your answer will be because you are interested in doing the job they described, you respect the company, are looking forward to the challenge and the chance to learn and develop new skills.

Next they will want to know what skills and experience you bring i. e. what you can do for them.

You will say that you bring all of your experience, your skills and your specific achievements and results which you will employ to their benefit. You should have a number of skill stories to illustrate these specific points ready prepared.

The most important thing on their mind after findingout if you can do the job is to discover if you are someone who has initiative and gets on well with others. Whether you will be flexible in your attitude to different ways of working; maybe find out if you are a great team player, or a strong leader. Try to avoid the “open-door" or “hands-on" type of response. Remember that ‘compatability’ is much more important than ‘competence’.

And finally can they afford you?

Are they willling to pay what you think you are worth? Salary negotiation is a difficult issue, but the point is you should have a feeling for what the remuneration is likely to be and show them that you bring value-for-money. If the salary is a lot more or a lot less than your recent earnings then you must be able to show convincing reasons why you are pursuing this job.

So for your smartest preparation which helps to overcome your interview nerves, all you have to do now is work out what questions they will ask to explore those 4 areas. If you mMake it at least 25 questions long and then carefully work out your own answers you will find your interview nerves recede.

With over 25 years running businesses, and as a Career Coach and Consultant in many sectors, Peter Fisher is well placed to guide job seekers through the steps needed in order to achieve that all important new position. He has personally coached thousands of individuals to career success.

For specific guidance on how you might produce your own questions and answers to help overcome your interview nerves go to Top Interview Answers


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