How to Grow Your B2B Network


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B2B e-commerce has not gained much popularity with the business community owing to fears bout security of information, lack of proper standards and uncooperative business partners who do not want to use B2B, an ill-equipped legacy system and the being unable to recruit business partners to do B2B trading.

Business have to realize the advantages of opting for B2B trading such as a huge reduction in the costs of transactions, they are able to maintain better supply chain collaboration and have huge savings in administrative costs. There is reduction in error and defective product returns; it saves a lot of time by shortening the cycle of purchasing, paying and acquiring the products. Businesses see an improvement in incremental revenue and have better inventory data. B2B transactions result in nearly 5 times savings when compared to using emails, phone or faxes to procure products. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses realize the advantages of B2B networking and take steps to grow their B2B networks.

Tips To Grow Your B2B Network: - Try and ask tell all your business partners how cost effective and time saving B2B networking is.

- Appoint experienced personnel to deal with your partners and to determine issues such as the infrastructure to be used, data transfer, the procurement process and other processes such as invoicing, payment etc. the executive has to determine how the partner hopes to benefit by participating in your B2B network.

- Try to gauge your business partner’s interest in B2B networking, help them if they are ready to change their procurement systems by collaborating with them, and establishing a viable, secure system. This way you gain their loyalty too.

- Make sure your business partners understand the savings they make by opting to trade using B2B networking. Make them realize how the costs of installing any infrastructure to enable B2B networking will seem insignificant in the long run when compared to the savings.

- Have records on had to prove how time and labor saving B2B networking. While it can take up to 2 days to go about the process manually it may just take ½ a day to do it using B2B networking. Tell your partners how B2B helps reduce errors and lessens the chances of product returns.

- It will help if you explain to that B2B networking will not affect and will not necessarily replace any end user in your partner’s company, but will only make their tasks easier. They will be able to perform have better control and can know the current situation of stock by just logging on to the website.

- Offer them help by using tracking systems that will alert you if they use a phone or a fax to place orders. Offer to give them assistance to use the web again for placing the orders. These are just a few techniques to help grow your B2B network.

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