Worksheets to Determine Your Brand

Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

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Brand Worksheet #1

Circle the best description of your company for each line:

1. Large company Small or specialized company

2. Formal Casual

3. Well Established New

4. Fun Subdued

5. Innovative Traditional

6. Economical Expensive

7. Classic Contemporary

Brand Worksheet #2

Assessing where your brand is today:

  1. Determine all the places your brand touches your customer. Make an exhaustive list.
  2. Determine all the places your brand touches your internal customer (you and your employees). Make an exhaustive list.
  3. Conduct customer surveys to find out how the customer views you and your company.
  4. Evaluate the customer surveys and lists to determine any gaps between what your brand should be and what is currently there.
  5. Make an action plan to correct and fill the gaps so that your brand is consistent in all areas and all places it makes contact with your customers.

  6. Next you will find a number of questions that will help you check on the health of your brand.


    1. Does your brand have a well-defined identity?
    2. How well is your brand known?
    3. Do customers perceive a meaningful difference between your brand and competitive brands?
    4. Does your brand offer a distinctive value proposition to all markets?
    5. Is your brand value proposition an explicit promise to your customers?
    6. Have you developed a brand system?
    7. Do you have specific plans to implement and operationalize your brand strategy?
    8. Do you have someone in charge of the brand who has both responsibility and authority?
    9. Do you set and measure specific brand objectives to determine brand ROI?
    10. Do you consistently invest to build long-term brand equity?

    *Developed in collaboration with Riley Design Associates, LLC and Nelson & Company

    Bette Daoust, Ph. D. is a speaker, author (over 170 books, articles, and publications), and consultant. She has provided marketing, sales, business development and training expertise for companies such as Peet's Coffee & Tea, Varian Medical Systems, Accenture, Avaya, Cisco Systems to name a few. Dr. Daoust has also done extensive work with small businesses in developing their marketing, training, and operational plans. You may contact Dr. Daoust at . You may also view her latest publications at . Dr. Daoust also writes for the National Networker .


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