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Streamlining of work is the key to a business’ success; however, the most important factor is coordination between all the departments of a company. In isolation, various divisions may perform amazingly, but how well they coordinate among themselves determines the degree of a business’ success. A detailed operation manual establishes this point of contact among various divisions of a business.

Detailed operations manual refers to a guide that clearly defines all the systems and processes of a company. It has several areas to accommodate of various types of business related information from manufacturing to distribution, for easy access. Detailed operations manuals are gaining rapid popularity because it addresses the most fundamental issue of ‘real-time’ effective communication. It works on a basic concept – the person who creates information is instantly available to the person who is using the information. Thus information, no matter what it is about, spreads smoothly within a company. Sharing of information between various departments make corporate data ubiquitous, which is must for growth.

Uses of Operations Manual:

Companies use such manuals to:

  • Exchange large volumes of data using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Share product catalogs exclusively with wholesalers.

  • Collaborate with other companies to develop joint development strategies and training programs

  • Provide or access services provided by one company to a group of other companies. For example, the parent company manages online banking application for its affiliates.

  • Share news of common interest exclusively with collaborators.

    Another important factor leading to the development of outsourcing of detailed operations manual has been the growing complexity of software and software upgrades. Distributing huge, complex applications to the end user has become extremely expensive from a customer service standpoint, and upgrades make the problem worse. In a large company where there may be thousands of desktops, distributing software (even something as simple as a new release of Microsoft Word) can cost millions of dollars. Handling the work to a contractor, however, eliminates most of these headaches.

    Considering the complexities of detailed manual facility, it is best outsource it. Such manuals also serve as a point of inter-company connection. These connections give the companies access to reliable data back up, customers and collaborators worldwide, state-of-the-art data centers with unlimited bandwidth. Most importantly, companies will be able to avail all facilities without any capital investment, software installation, and risk of technological obsolescence.

    In addition to all the above-mentioned quantitative savings, detailed operations manual gives the companies several important quantitative savings that will also be of great benefits to customers of hosted software applications. A few of these quantitative savings include, flexibility, the ability to mitigate risk, the short implementation time, scalability, and the ability to focus on core competencies.

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