How To Find The Best Advertising Media For Your Business


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Business of any kind depends a lot on advertising, since you need to get the word across to potential customers. Choosing the right advertising media is very important if you wish to see our clientele grow, and yet do not want to end up wasting many resources on worthless advertising.

How to Choose an Advertising Media:

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting an advertising media.

1) What are the features of your products that you want to emphasize?
2) Are you building a brand for your company or just want to sell a product?
3) How much are you ready to spend on advertising?
4) What is the profile of the targeted customers?
5) How frequently will your products be bought?
6) At what time do you want to display the ads? People have different moods at different times, so advertisements have differing psychological impacts based on the time of display of ads.

Types of Advertisements:

There are different kinds of advertisements depending on customer profile, brand, product etc.

1) Category Specific Advertisements

These ads are “one size fits all" kinds, where all you have to do is fill your product name in a preset template. A typical category specific advertisement can be used for any number of products in similar categories.

2) Franchise Advertisements

These ads are useful when it comes to building a brand. The advertisement builds up hype around a brand, and thus costs more than a category specific ad.

3) Store Specific Advertisements

Store specific ads are highly region specific; what works for one retail store in one location may not work for another in the same or different location.

4) Product Specific Advertisement

The product specific ads are about the product on sale. It has nothing to do with brands, company, or any other subject related to the seller. These advertisements are the best option for small businesses and franchisees. However, franchisees should take care that these advertisements do not just highlight the manufacturer’s business, but also the products you retail on behalf of the manufacturers.

What Your Advertising Firm Never Told You: When selecting an advertising media, you should not think that simply putting in a lot of money would do the trick. Here are some surprising findings by the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

1) The effectiveness of the advertisement has nothing to do with what you spend on them.
2) Content of the advertisement is more important than how much money you spend on it.
3) Repeating advertisements is a very effective way of getting your message across.

Best Advertising Media: Some of the most widely used advertising media are:

1) Billboards
2) Television
3) Radio
4) Newspapers
5) Direct Mailing to potential customers

The above guidelines will help you generate more revenue through higher sales that result from effective advertising. Good advertising is more about proper content, and it should be delivered keeping the profile of the customers in mind. You can hire a small business advisor to help you with choosing the best advertising media for your small business if you want to know more about the kind of advertising vehicle that suits your business.

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