Monitoring And Evaluating Strategic Plans


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Now you are ready with the guiding torch for your organization i. e. the strategic plan. The key requirements and associated resources and implications are well understood and based on them the bible has been prepared. Now all that you need is actual implementation of this laborious theoretical preparation.

This implementation is in fact another landmark where various organizations tend to falter. The extensive research and resources used up for the drafting of strategic plans often make organizations believe that whatever they have understood and devised is the optimum and therefore requires no second thoughts. However, what has been ignored is the fact that plans can be tested only if they meet actual usage. Only planning or theoretical application cannot be guarantee complete success. Actual implementation yields the true picture.

This stage of implementation often results in a consequence wherein it is required to monitor and evaluate the implemented plans to understand if they are moving the desired direction. But, many experienced and learned thinkers tend to falter here. They believe that what ever has been devised is the best. Yet, it must be understood that what is great for one might be average for others. Therefore, there could be loopholes. Hence, it is suggested to keep a scope of change based upon extensive monitoring and subsequent evaluation based upon inputs and output. Any implementer must not be closed for these changes. Keep a scope for changes!

Appoint Concerned Personnel: To achieve the desired make sure that your plan appoints the concerned personnel responsible for close monitoring at the implementation stages. Even minute deviation from the planned could render the entire cycle ineffective at the core. The frequency of monitoring depends upon the execution and process deployed.

Evaluation: Key Considerations To evaluate the outcome of devised strategy, try answering the following questions:

  • Are the goals being achieved?
  • If no, than is the key reason behind lack of realization of goals is lack of coordination or poor planning?
  • Are the resources adequate?
  • Do employees understand and implement as desired?
  • Should the goals be altered?
  • What are the learning outcomes?
  • What is the implementation Impact of future strategy?

    Now that you have carefully analyzed answered the mentioned questions, make sure to record and report the same in an easily comprehendible manner. As these observations would go in a long way in devising you organization’s strategy and associated growth.

    Based upon these observations and recommendations at various level, formulate the guideline to the desired changes in the overall strategy. These changes could be minute or major but careful analysis of the same would sure result in better managed and growing organization.

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