Strategic Planning For Non-Profit Organizations


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Various management leaders often tend to think that non-profit organizations do not require strategic planning. These organizations, because are not guided by the underlying principal of profit making, do not require planning as required by the for profit organizations. However, please understand that this is just a myth. Strategic planning is not only about making profits but is also about achieving the desired results in the best possible manner.

Strategic Planning: Achieving the Goal This aspect of the planning exercise demarcates itself as a mandatory resource in any organization irrespective of the goals. However, of course these goals act as the yardstick for such plans. A not for profit organization has its own goals. The key requirements in such organizations could be cater to larger sections in the least possible resources, generate adequate volunteer resources, and market themselves to acquire more funds and reallocation of these funds in a systematic manner.

Strategic planning in addition to the desired goal also depends upon the stage at which an organization is functioning. Growing organizations deserve a different treatment and thereby planning resources than an already established organization. Where older organizations need to reconsider their functioning pattern till date and revise them, new entrants focus on the how to aspect.

Key Components of Strategic Plans: Based upon these details the strategic planning for an organization is undertaken. The key components of the plans are:

  • Mission statement i. e. the reason for existence
  • Vision statement i. e. the eventual outlook
  • Goals or the ultimate objective to be achieved. Here it is advised to formulate goals that can be quantified. Quantification could seem difficult to not profit organizations as compared to for profit organization, but this exercise is a crucial indicator of performance and thereby deserves the requisite attention.
  • Assessment of present stage and the gap between present and desired
  • The path or the set of activities required to achieve the desired goals.

    Now that the plan has been formulated, plan the right way to implement it through people. Communicate your thinking process to the ones involved. Another important distinction here between non-profit and other organizations is among the people involved. The operational resources in this case are not your employees but volunteers who work for self-satisfaction. Therefore, the key motivator for implementation cannot be money and career growth, but the ultimate result of the overall development. Make sure that your planning fulfills the need to give of those involved.

    All involved should identify them with the requirement of strategic planning for it to yield the desired benefit. Communication is an important deciding factor of the success or failure of your plans.

    All need planning, irrespective of nature or size. Therefore, to achieve the desired it is imperative to chalk out the present and required and the path to achieve the same by way of strategic planning.

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