Making Money With eBay Exclusivity Agreements


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To supercharge your eBay business you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

You need to develop a strategy that will allow you to distinguish your auctions from those of other eBay sellers.

One of the top selling strategies for eBay sellers involves having merchandise which other eBay sellers do not have. While this is a simple strategy which is devastatingly powerful, it is very hard to implement.

As the number of eBay sellers grows so does the competition for wholesale sources.

Even small wholesale suppliers are contacted on a daily basis by eBay sellers hungry for merchandise.

But there is a solution that can keep your eBay product source off limits to other eBay sellers.

That solution involves forming exclusive arrangements with your suppliers.

An exclusive agreement guarantees that you will be the only eBay seller offering their merchandise. The supplier can continue to offer merchandise through his regular channels, but he limits you to be the only seller that can offer his merchandise on eBay.

To encourage a supplier to form an exclusive arrangement with you, you need to do the following.

eBay Exclusivity Agreement Strategy #1

Show the supplier you are a real business person. Present a business plan, display your organization skills, and explain your method of selling to him.

eBay Exclusivity Agreement Strategy #2

Guarantee volume. The supplier will not want to enter into an agreement if it does not help him sell a decent amount of products. Negotiate the sales volume you are committing to. If you cannot meet the required sales volume, then have an option for voiding the agreement.

eBay Exclusivity Agreement Strategy #3

Be serious. Show the supplier your faith in your sales potential by placing a sizable order. Even though you can later buy according to your sales volume, show the supplier you believe in what you are doing. The best way of showing a supplier that you are confident in your ability to sell on eBay, is by ordering a decent amount of merchandise.

Always have an attorney review any potential agreements and sizable business deals before undertaking them.

Donny Lowy runs an online wholesale and closeout business that supplies brand name products to eBay sellers, retailers, and flea market vendors.

Donny can be reached at 718-389-5502


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The Basics Behind Making Money on Ebay
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