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Each year continues to throw up new challenges for those trying to make money online. However, there are still several ways of ‘doing things right’ that can improve your chances of success (or of continued success) this year, whatever line of business you are in.

So, what follows are essential tips to help you do just that. So let's begin with an obvious tip, shall we.

Tip 1: Plan

Plan what work you're going to do, and stick to the plan.

A plan could consist of a set of daily activities - reply to your emails, visit a forum or two, create more content for your site - or it could consist of a set of activities you want to complete in a given month.

Whatever techniques or strategies you use, make sure you plan what you're going to do first. Then do it.

Tip 2: Try Not To Rely On One Income Source

A source of income could be generated via pay per click search engines such as Google Adwords, or via article marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you might only make money from one website. As a vendor you might only sell one particular product. As a service seller you might be too reliant on one particular client.

Whatever your situation, it is never wise to rely on just one source of income, and this is especially true online.

Make sure you put some alternative strategies in place, some alternative pillars of income, if you like. This could be product diversification, or seeking out new clients or developing new ways to generating traffic to your website.

Tip 3: Commit To Learning

Commit to continuing to learn on a regular basis.

You can do this via an online forum, via a free ebook or website, or you can buy a suitable internet marketing product/service from a source that you trust and respect.

Equally as important as committing to learn is committing to not trying to learn everything. Be selective. Develop skills that will help grow your business. Ignore the rest.

Tip 4: Your Attitude Is Everything

Your attitude to success (and failure) is all important.

There are plenty of ways to succeed online, as you may well know; ultimately, however, what you do is not as important as how you do it.

I'm talking about your attitude. A positive attitude, combined with persistence, and a willingness to keep on learning, will seriously improve your chances of success.

I think Henry Ford said it best when he said: “Whether you think you can or can't you're right!"

Tip 5: Words Still Matter On The Web

Despite the rapid growth of YouTube, words still matter. Words that can persuade, cajole and build trust are more important than ever. Learn to write copy that is both clear and helpful to your site visitor, written with your voice and that the search engines like. And if you don't want to learn this skill, pay someone to write copy for your website.

Tip 6: Spend Time On Activities That Make You Money

Are you working effectively? Are you making best use of your time? Form a habit of only spending time on activities that earn you money. And if you don't know what those activities are, then find out.

Tip 7: Backup Your Work

Backup your work on a regular basis.

This is a very easy thing to state, but a very difficult thing to implement. We all know that we should backup our files, our mailing lists, our databases, our websites, but how many of us do it!

So this tip applies to everyone, including me.

Again, backup your work.


Okay, that's enough.

It's now over to you to integrate these successful tips and strategies into your business life.

Keep learning, keep using the right tools, and keep persevering, and you will succeed online.

Wishing you your most profitable year, yet.

Steve M Nash is owner of several sites including - a directory of free sms text messaging sites, and guide to bulk sms marketing. He promotes them all using the basic principles and tips detailed in his free website promotion guide,


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