Harnessing Media Relations To Promote Small Business


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A positive article about your business in the media is a big pay-off. A published article or broadcast news item is accepted as a media endorsement of your company. The story makes your business more credible than any other advertisement.

Cultivating the Media:
A small business on a limited budget cannot afford to hire a media relations expert. A one-page document release with a summary of the company news in an interesting and creative manner can catch a reporter’s attention and pave the way for your advertisement in media at zero cost. Some other suggestions:

  • Offer the media a relevant, valuable and fascinating story about your business. This will give an interesting insight about your company to the media along with a good story idea.
  • Interest the media with some unique experience or story that targets their audience. It can be a story of your success that can educate or inspire others.
  • Speak honestly and persuasively to the media. Make notes, practice what you want to say, and catch a reporter’s interest in the first 15 seconds.

    Using the Media to Market Your Business:
    Promotion generated by media coverage is more credible than advertising. Use the marketing power of the media by the following:

  • Position yourself as the expert in your specialized area. Build your credibility as a dependable business, person, or organization.
  • Clarify your communication objectives and what goals you need to achieve with your business.
  • Define the age, gender, beliefs, values, and geographical location of the target audience.
  • Cultivate the concerned media reporter of radio, TV, Internet, newspaper, community newsletter, etc.
  • Deliver your key message in minimum words for maximum impact to relevant customers.
  • Build on the advantages and benefits of your message with evidence and proof to build authenticity of your business.
  • Use a creative method for your message or news release to make it unique and informative to draw attention.
  • Develop long-term relationships with the media, meet them face-to-face, visit them and know them on a personal basis.
  • Seek professional help for maximum impact of your product and its effectiveness.
  • Perform your best, know your topic, be prepared and relaxed. Writing an effective news release
  • News release should be dated and current.
  • If the release pertains to an event, then include exact time, location, direction, list of speakers and people available for interview.
  • Write a strong and interesting headline to capture attention.
  • Keep the release to one page, short and concise. Skip the quotes.
  • News release should be based on verifiable facts to add weight to your claims.
  • Correct the spellings, grammar, and punctuation for a newsworthy item.
  • Do not hype your claims without adequate proof.
  • Include the names of people as sources for objective information so that the reporter can verify the news release.

    Harnessing the media can work to your advantage and benefit your business. With some foresight and planning, you can get the media to work for you at minimum or no cost.

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