Branding Your Signature In The Minds Of Your Visitors In 5 Easy Steps


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Brand your Signature on the minds of your visitors. When your visitors asks ‘Where can I get a . . . . . ’ immediately your name should come to mind. Just like branding a steer you need to brand your visitors thinking when it comes to what you are selling or offering.

How Do You Brand Your Business?

1. Be Consistent

What ever you do be consistent. Nothing irritates a visitor as much as inconsistency. Think about when you visit a site like You know what they offer, where to find, and where to ask a question if you need to. Change is good however changing is hard. Give your visitors advanced notice of a change and clear instructions on how to buy or use the new tool or item.

2. Find a Niche

Find a Niche to cater to. Be consistent with it and focus on pleasing and meeting their needs. When the latest knitting pattern comes out from the top designer YOU need to be the first to turn to for up to date details. Get the information to your visitors ASAP.

3. Create a Slogan

_, It Does A Body Good! Do you know what that slogan is talking about? Of course you do. Milk has taken a slogan and branded it so that now when we hear that phrase there is no question in our minds what it is referring to. Find a slogan to match you and your product or service. It can be one you make up or one you borrow from the great masters that have gone before us. For instance, a certain homeschooling group quotes Albert Einstein as a byline in all messages and articles it puts out. Now the readers or visitors will think of them when hearing that quote even if they hear it outside the connotation of homeschooling.

4. Make a LOGO

We all know the logo for Coke and Pepsi. Do your visitors know your logo? When they see your logo do they think about your product or service? You do not have to spend loads of money on a logo it can be rather simple but it needs to be on everything you give to your visitor whether it be an article or a postcard. They need to know that your logo is YOU and that means they can find what they need by going to you.

5. Keep them Coming Back for More

Do you plan on offering different services or products throughout the year? Build up your visitors with great expectation. Remember how you felt as a little child waiting for Christmas to come? That is what you need to invoke in your visitors. You want to offer them something worth coming back for. This may mean offering something for free or in addition to what you normally offer or it may mean creating a Ask Ginny section on your website.

Do you know computers? Do your visitors have questions about computers? Fill that need. Be the go to person for computer knowledge. When visitors have a question they should be going to you and telling their friends and family to go to you.

Now that you know how to brand your business get to work! Never give up on your dream and always serve your visitors because they write your paycheck.

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