Making Money Is A Process

Trevor Kugler

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Who hasn't dreamed of winning the lottery or receiving some random windfall of money, which will solve all of their financial problems? Probably not a single person on this planet. We all dream of something like this happening, but the problem is that it's simply doesn't. Who, among the people reading this article, knows someone who received a million dollars in the lottery or some other windfall? And if by chance you do know someone who did, what are the chances of the same thing happening to you? Slim to none.

Making money is a process, ask anyone who's got a lot of it. They will tell you that they started with something that worked, added a little more, and repeated. That's it. Making money is a process, not something that happens overnight. It's as simple as that.

Now this article flies directly in the face of many of the “opportunities" that are seen on the internet and television today. There are people and companies out there making claims that would make winning the lottery seem like hard work! They make it seem as if making money will require less work than buying that lottery ticket. And they will sell you this secret information for forty bucks!

I just want people to begin using their common sense. Remember what your father told you? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Do you remember that? Well start living by it for God's sake! The best thing to do when presented with these incredible offers is to trust your instincts. The good lord gave instincts to you for a reason. Use them.

This article isn't being written to disparage opportunity. It's being written to disparage all of the hype out there that claims that you can receive something for nothing. There are plenty of opportunity's out there that are wonderful, and offer normal people the ability to make a lot of money, just beware when any of them claim that money can be made by doing next to nothing. There is always a process involved in making money.

That process can involve many many different things. Real Estate, websites, telemarketing, book writing, collectibles, real estate notes, etc. The list is almost endless; just remember any of them that claim to be able to provide you with money without a process in place aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

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