Quick Tips To Correct Marketing Errors With Zero Dollars


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Quick Tip: Let The Customer Tell You What They Want

Your customer may need your product, but do they want your product? A friend of mind recently shared a quote that really speaks to this error. She said, “People buy what they want and beg for what they need. " Give your clients what they want.

What emotional triggers do your products or services provide that will make your customers and clients want your offer? Don't know? Then ask them. Here's how to start:

(1) Call or email your clients or customers. If your customer or client freely gave you their contact information, they are expecting to hear from you from time to time. Don't disappoint them. If they are in your local area, consider stopping by to visit. Keep in mind that you aren't trying to sell anything, just gather information to serve your client better. Make sure they know that up front. Also, let your clients know that it will take less that 5 minutes to gather the information you need. Why? So you can give them exactly what they want.

Bonus Tip: Contact past customers and clients too; especially those who bought something from you within the last 12 months. If you have a list of prospects who showed interest, but did not buy anything, find out why. Then see how you can give them what they want. Sometimes you can and other times you can't. It never hurts to ask.

(2) Have your customers or clients fill out a short survey. You can create a brief 3-5 question survey that takes less than 2 minutes to complete online. Also consider a multiple choice survey that asks for a response with specific choices. The multiple choice option is a good way to uncover targeting your client's pain and speaking to the true benefits your customers really want. A couple of survey resources on line include www.assessmentgenerator.com and www.questionpro.com.

Giving your customers and clients regular opportunities to tell you what they want is a zero cost way to keep your profits flowing in with little effort.

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