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Of course you may have been dazzled about the success stories on franchised businesses and perhaps you are thinking that there is a big chance of you also achieving the same level of success if you follow the equation set for by a franchisor. It may be a good practice to be optimistic about such things but the saying “don’t count your chicks until they hatch" has never been truer than in getting a franchise.

When applying for a franchise, it is understandable if you find it hard to refrain from asking your prospect franchisor how much you could expect to profit from integrating into his business. After all, with the business system a proven success, your franchisor should find it easy to supply you with a concrete answer based on his experience on the performance of other franchises.

Wish as he might to provide you with the answer you want to hear, your franchisor is actually restrained by the law in giving you a direct answer. This is because a franchisees performance will always differ from place to place. Some may find it a bit harder to hit the mark because of localized factors that are affecting his business’ performance like the level of competition in his place or just the culture and perceptions of the people in his locality. On the other hand, some franchisees may find it easier to make their business a success because of the popularity of that particular brand in the area. The point here is that each franchise is as different to every other as snowflakes. The success or failure of a franchise inevitably depends on so many factors that asking a ball park figure on what you will earn is just not possible to answer. And the chance that the answer will definitely be realized is akin to winning the lottery.

Do not despair however as they are other ways on how to predict the outcome of your franchising business. This may involve a lot more legwork and lengthy research but at least the answer you will get will be much closer to what the outcome will be and although there are indeed a lot of factors that may affect the performance of your new business, knowing the factors the factors that contributes to a successful franchise and looking for those factors in your area will definitely lessen the odds of you being caught unaware of the outcome. Information like the other franchisees profit performance and growth, a track record of company earnings in recent years and financial documents will help you a lot in making an educated guess on how much to expect from your venture.

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