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A recent study conducted by the American Management Association and the Human Resource Institute identified the following drivers of change that will have an impact on leadership.

  • Increased global competition
  • Need to focus on customers
  • Be sure organization is operating efficiently
  • Adapt to the accelerated pace of change.

    WELL DUH! I certainly hope they didn’t spend too much for that profound information. However, I did find it interesting that the survey respondents indicated that they thought the barriers to developing the new breed of leaders were; lack of leadership behavior measurements, lack of formal leadership development programs, lack of rewards, and lack of a proper organizational climate that supports and nurtures those leadership behaviors that are taught in the classroom.

    As those of you immersed in the Partnering To Success (P2S) process are aware, we have the answer.

    It doesn’t shock me to hear companies’ executives reporting this sort of data. When an organizations leadership does not live by its stated values and those leaders fail to model these behaviors, it makes sense that the developing leaders will simply follow the role models before them. Although, if a person becomes aware of the basic leadership skills, and then follows her or his plan according to the eight step P2S Process, she or he will become an effective leader. Admittedly, it is more difficult to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by a bunch of turkeys, but it can be done.

    So identify the area of leadership in which you want to improve, apply the 8 step process and get on with it. And remember to deal with your competition (global or not), focus on customers, operate efficiently and deal with the pace of change, through Partnering To Success.

    Terry Wisner, the “Partnering Pro, " International Speaker, Consultant, and author, shares his experience and knowledge through energetic, entertaining, and enlghtening presentations and seminars. Do you want to experience improvement in; Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, or simply Self-Improvement? Then, visit Terry at or and learn more about Partnering and how it can help you and your organization succeed.

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    Leadership Matters Change - Ready Managers And The Law of Business
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