How a Fictional Negative Sells a Real Positive

Steve Martinez

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Fear is a powerful concept that works in sales. People who realize the impact of NOT doing something are motivated to take a positive action. Here is a creative sales letter written to apply the fear tactic normally found in a recall notice. This humorous twist is an effective way to turn a negative into a positive. You can modify this letter to your business and generate outstanding results.


The USDS* recently issued a warning regarding the use and implementation of the Selling Magic Sales Acceleration program. It is rumored that you may be looking to improve your sales and profits from a Selling Magic program. You should be aware of the change in lifestyle habits that can quickly develop.


The implementation of this sales acceleration program will impact sales in a positive manner. Here are some of the signs after implementation:

  1. Your family may not recognize you! The use of our system will cause a significant reduction in stress loads. This may also cause your blood pressure to drop through peace of mind with the Selling Magic program. The natural result is more time for family and the fun things in life.
  2. Family and friends will ask you if you have won the lottery. You will act like you are a winner and are excited about your business growth and potential.
  3. You will visit the dentist more because you will be smiling and will want to whiten your teeth due to the added exposure of your wonderful smile.
  4. Your travel expense will go up from the extra time available for vacations and weekend getaways. The automated selling system will free up more of your time with increased profits.
  5. Customers will discover you are human as you build strong customer relationships through increased communications helping you increase client and market share.
  6. Headaches will disappear from sales management issues because the Selling Magic automated system will document sales activities automatically.
Consider yourself warned regarding these lifestyle changes.

*The USDS (United States Department of Success) is a fictitious organization relating the value and benefits of sales automation in a humorous way. The benefits could be very real to you. We hope you will recognize this spoof as a way to improve your life and enjoy the time saving and profit building advantages of our systems.

Steve Martinez implements sales management strategies with a focus on automating sales and sales management. If you would like copy of this and other creative sales letters, please contact us.


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Being Positive in A Negative Environment, Just Do It!
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