AIDA Ain’t Just an Opera


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AIDA can, in fact, be the most effective ingredient in your advertising efforts! No, I’m not talking about a stage full of over-stuffed, well-costumed singers yelling at each other in some foreign language. I’m talking about what your radio and TV spots must have. What your newspaper ads must have. What your magazine ads must have. Yes, even your Website needs AIDA. Here it is, plain and simple…

A Attention! You need a “grabber, something to get and hold audience attention.

I Interest! There’s got to be something there to create interest, involvement.

D Desire! You got their attention, captured their interest, now make ‘em want whatever you’re selling.

A Action! You’ve got ‘em hooked, now give ‘em your CTA – your Call To Action – by telling ‘em what you want them to do.

Without AIDA – every one of those four components – your advertising and other marketing efforts are likely to fall flat.

What is it that can grab a reader, a viewer, a listener? What is it that sets your Stuff – your product or service – apart from your competition? That’s your “grabber. " What makes your Stuff better, more colorful, more durable, more stylish – even more expensive. Hey, there’s a whole bunch of buyers out there who absolutely delight in trying to impress other people with how much they paid for this bauble or that trinket. Men as well as women.

Want to create interest? How about a special sale" A fabulous discount? A limited time offer? I’m sure that in your business, your industry, you can come up with many more ways than I can to involve your would-be buyers.

Desire? You know your product, its benefits, its features. Convert those into wants. Make people want what you’ve got to sell. Benefits, by the way, work better than features because they’re buyer-related. Features are product- or service-related.

Action is all about now! Call now! Go to our Website right now! Order now! You have to tell ‘em what you want ‘em to do. Now! But you have to make it easy, convenient, a satisfying experience. Now!

And you thought AIDA was just another opera?. Think again. And do something about it. Now!

© 2006, Philip A. Grisolia, CBC

Phil Grisolia is an award-winning copywriter and marketing communications consultant. He’s also an accredited Certified Business Communicator (CBC), author and adjunct professor. To learn more about Phil and the types of help he provides for his clients, visit While there, sign up for a free subscription to his best-in-class newsletter - Making Sense of Marketing™.


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