Want a Job in the Entertainment Industry?

Bob Pardue

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If you've been thinking that you would like a job in the entertainment industry, here's your opportunity.

Don't miss out on the rest of this great entertainment industry jobs report. It's jam-packed!!

When we’re young and idealistic, we consider only the cream (or the cherries) in the world of entertainment industry jobs—and, if we feel entertainment is our calling, aim for acting, directing, fashion modeling or maybe writing.

But, did you know that there are literally thousands of other equally important (if not imperative) positions in the entertainment industry …from the grips to the CGI assistants to the editors, of both the writing and the film.

And this is just the movie industry. Think about the all exciting reality show, American Idol. For just singers alone, how many different styles and types of entertainment industry jobs exist?

There are the cruise ship singers, the piano lounge singers, the body parts models, Karaoke performers, etc. etc. In other words, not every one is a runway modeling star or a pop icon.

And again, that reference is to just one show, one niche in the industry, one genre (in general, pop), one example…of millions possible.

Television alone. There’s film. There’s music. Then, think about the entertainment industry jobs in subordinate yet collaborative niches: for instance, what, besides American Idol and other hot shows, is one of the biggest selling events on Television?


Cheerleaders. Announcers. This makes us think of newscasters, maybe, camera men, then special effects professionals. Jot your own associations list. While you are doing that—and reaching as far out, up, or down as you can, remembering the execs, the emcees, the paper-pushers, the makeup artists, the go-cart mechanics and caterers, etc. —I will round up a couple of sources for entertainment industry jobs:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics features entertainment industry jobs, and discusses and describes the job duties, the trends, the requirements, and much more for thousands of jobs. (Their site lists lots of other entertainment industry jobs, like amusement park attendants and entertainers, hotel work, museum work, etc. etc. !)

Also check entertainment industry jobs boards. Many have a database of articles and information to help you define, determine, and decide. Some cost a few dollars; others offer a free trial period.

And check the unions…the union websites like screenwriters’ guilds, and all. You will find that huge or tiny but imperative position!

As I write this, Maggie, one of my former models, is just coming off a TV set for a beach show in North Carolina and is now heading out west to act as a stand-in on the new TV show, “Friday Night Lights".

TV studios need these stand-ins to represent the actors while setting the lights, etc. for the next scene. Maggie tells me that the money is pretty good (and she's working!).

So, you see, there are entertainment industry jobs that you may not even know exist today but you may be working in one of them tomorrow.

Just do some searching online for entertainment industry jobs and let me know if you are successful. Hope you are!!

As your knowledge about entertainment industry jobs continues to grow, you will begin to see how versatile the market is. Knowing how something relates to your goals and dreams is important too.

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