Looking for a Fast Nickel or a Slow Quarter?


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The title of this article is an old saying my Dad shared with me many years ago. Funny how I have never forgotten that simple line. When I first heard it he was talking about investments. So how does it relate to selling and a career in sales? Easily if you look at your career for what it is, an investment in YOU and your philosophies about that investment.

Think of the job responsibilities you have and see what your investment approach is.

Product Knowledge

Fast Nickel: I will learn enough to get by.

Slow Quarter: I will devote myself to thoroughly knowing my product and how it benefits my potential and existing customers. I will never stop learning about my product.


Fast Nickel: Training takes time out my day when I could be calling on customers.

Slow Quarter: Time invested in training and perfecting my sales skills and knowledge will pay big dividends in the future. I will devote time to training.


Fast Nickel: It is easy enough to just call on my existing customers. They like me and order anyway.

Slow Quarter: New business and customers are the lifeblood of growing my business. I will take every opportunity to secure a new client, customer or company into my customer base. I will find ways to make people aware of what I do and where I do it.

Customer Follow Up

Fast Nickel: If I don't hear any complaints I guess everything is OK.

Slow Quarter: I want to contact my customers on a regular basis. I want them to know I am interested not only in their current business but future business as well. I want to insure they are happy with the product and with me.

My Fellow Salespeople

Fast Nickel: Sales is for adults. Let ‘em sink or swim.

Slow Quarter: I want to help my fellow salespeople like someone helped me when I started. I want to re-fresh my look at sales by seeing it from their perspective. I want to help because I know the better they do the better I will do in the long-term because my company is growing due to their efforts.

The People I work For

Fast Nickel: I do all the work and they just get paid a part of what I sell.

Slow Quarter: My owner or management team did not get where they are by accident. They demonstrated sales ability. I am going to learn as much as I can from them.

When you invest in yourself be committed to an investment in your future. If you are going to spend the most precious commodity you have, which is YOU, spend it wisely. Make investments that yield. . .


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