The Long and Winding Road to Getting a Government Grant


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There are many programs set up for government grants through a multitude of different government agencies. A government grant is not a loan and so doesn’t need to be paid back. For this reason grants can be a very path to pursue, but these grants are awarded only to non-profit companies and government entities for the purpose of public benefit, not to for-profit businesses however.

The stipulations in regard to qualifying for grants are tremendous. Qualification is based on necessity and purpose, but even if a non-profit organization does qualify to receive grant funding, there is no guarantee it will actually get a grant.

Professional grant writers are often necessary in order to bypass the narrow straits set up by the government on grant funding. For instance, a local government entity might use the services of such a person in writing a grant proposal order to get subsidies from the state or federal government to fund a local public project. When submitted and written in the appropriate manner, grants have a much higher chance of being accepted. There are also cases where grants that were previously available are no longer, as in many cases the grant system was being abused by knowledgeable grant writers who were able to take advantage of certain provisions that allowed them to get multiple grants for the same or similar purposes.

Government grants can be used for a number of different purposes. Grants for land, agriculture, arts, environmental health and natural resources, and many other public uses are available. Each year thousands of grants are issued all around the country for public benefit. Like any other grant, these are only obtainable through the correct sources, and then only with the right grant proposal. The government doesn’t want to give out free money without a good reason, and this accounts for the clandestine system of hurdles that impedes most from getting the funding they seek. In a great many instances it is actually much easier to apply, qualify for, and obtain a loan, such as through the Small Business Administration, than to search for a grant.

In recent years and small but wealthy industry has sprung up around government grants. Many companies promise that individuals and for-profit businesses can get grants, touting the benefits of grants as a reason to hire a grant writer. In some cases these companies and professionals that have grown up around getting paid for writing grant proposals have engaged in illegal conduct, which resulted at times in lawsuits. For the most part it is usually best for anyone seeking a government grant to avoid unsolicited attempts to get them to spend money in order to get a grant.

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