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There are a number of views on what exactly wealth is, but it usually is the ability to allocate resources to yourself and the ability to save time and resources of your choice. This can be a bit confusing so I would suggest that you just know that wealth is the concentration of resources, including time.

Still, wealth is a very confusing concept because there are so many different conception of what it is. There are certain kinds of wealth, usually material wealth, that is defiantly finite and only so much can be used. This would be true of gold and diamonds and this helps explain why they are so expensive. However, glass is made primarily out of sand and is therefore very cheap. Holding a large amount of resources can make you wealthy.

However, if you don’t’ happen to be a land baron, there are some other techniques that you can use to increase your wealth. Another way to think about money and wealth is that it’s a way for the market to reward you for saving other people’s time. When you create a software program that saves peoples time, they may be willing to pay you for it which will give you wealth that you can then use for other things. When you write a software program, you literally create wealth because it is something that people want. No one is harmed by your gaining of this wealth because it is fluid and dynamic wealth unlike purely material wealth. When you have a bar of gold and I steal it, I gain wealth and you lose it. When you create a software program that save me time and I buy it, we both gain wealth because you gain my money and I save my time.

The best way to create wealth for yourself is by finding a problem and then solving this. This may sound overly simplistic but it is really just that simple. If you invent a new process to conserve a certain type of natural resources, you will usually add wealth to everybody including future generations. Again, few people may lose wealth by this but a vast majority of people, including you; gain wealth because of this innovation. Just find a problem and solve it and wealth will be yours!

Drake Dawson is a sales, marketing and advertising coach and trainer who has researched and lectured on sales techniques for 10 years. He is now focused on writing articles and publishing them online. You can visit his site at


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3 Steps to Wealth Creation
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