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Traveling on business today is much different than it was even a few years ago. You must know the essentials now, follow them, and you will make your business trip as painless as possible.

Business Travel Preparations

Wherever you are going on a business trip, you must remember it begins with your preparation. This can be weeks ahead of the trip itself, but you must prepare.

Professional Preparation

Make a professional checklist of what you need to accomplish, by when, and to whom.

If there will be some professional socializing (diners, parties, etc. ) you must decide on what you will be wearing, where you will go, and who you will be with.

In addition to you normal business preparations, you must prepare for all eventualities while away from your office and home.

Investigation into Destination Cities

Rules are changing by the minute, and some airlines and some airports have different rules and restrictions than others. You must research well your destination airport and city.

If you are going by air, you have different check-in minimum times, different carry-on allowances and restrictions, and also transport to/from airports.

A bit of investigation will save you trouble, time, and heartache in many cases.

Basic Wardrobe

Do not carry a lot of clothing. You need your basic wardrobe and some leisure items (sports maybe), but make sure that it’s consistent with the local weather conditions, and custom.

Fly Light Fly Right

The days of full carry-on baggage are coming to an end. Some airlines will permit the pilots case in business class, some wont, so be prepared to check your luggage.

Whatever it is, the lighter your fly the better. Chances are you have a notebook computer and accessories, and your business bag, so you will add this to the pre and post flight hand carry items.

If you are flying with a heavy load, you will become tired very quickly, you will be burdened with this extra weight, and chances are you will not need the half of it wherever you are going. Plan ahead.

Airport and Flight Security

Airport security is a necessary evil for the business traveler.

It slows down the whole process, and has modified what you can do, when and where you can do it, and what you can take with you on board (and work with on board).

So wear shoes that come on and off easily, and belts that do the same, or don’t wear a belt.

Don’t keep anything on your person that will slow down the process, including a lot of gadgets. Pack them away if possible, or leave them behind.

Have your identification and tickets at the ready to show when challenged to do so.

In many American airports, even the slightest event can become an issue.

Therefore refrain from talking to anyone except the workers or airline employees, do not joke about anything, and do not leave your hand luggage unattended.

Business travel was never easy, but now it is becoming tedious. So prepare for it, and make the best out of it.


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