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If you sell your services, or if your knowledge and expertise adds value to customers who buy your products, offering a Needs Analysis may be one of the best ways to acquire new clients.

This is particularly true if you begin a new client relationship with a “consultative” selling approach and prepare proposals after gathering information about your new clients’ problems, goals and needs.

In my case, I just recently started offering a free website analysis as part of my freelance copywriter business. Although this analysis has been part of my fact gathering process for years when I work with prospective clients; for some unknown reason it never occurred to me to offer a website analysis as a stand alone product.

Now, when someone visits my blog, http://dynamiccopywriting., they see my offer to conduct a free website analysis. I just announced this offer on my site four days ago, and I have already analyzed six websites for new, prospective clients.

As a result of the ideas and suggestions I have made, two businesses have already asked me to rewrite major portions of their web content. Three more appear to be very interested in using my services soon.

You are probably already doing an informal needs analysis of sorts right now. If you conduct an information gathering interview and then follow up with written or verbal proposals of your recommendations to your potentialclients, you only need to “package” this process with a little more formality.

The reason a Needs Analysis is so effective is that it makes a tangible, concrete offer to prospective clients. Right now, they may be reading your marketing materials and thinking, “That’s good to know, now if I ever need these guys, I know where to go. ”

That’s not an offer. A real offer is a promise of a desirable benefit in exchange for an action on the part of the prospective client.

By packaging your Needs Analysis as a “product, ” whether you offer it for free or charge a very small fee, you give prospective clients a way to realize a substantial benefit (the value of your ideas and recommendations specifically applied to their unique needs) in exchange for a non-threatening action (contacting you and participating in your consultative interview).

Clients are understandably reluctant to dive in without some reassurances. A Needs Analysis offers a substantial benefit, and a sample of your work, to potential clients without incurring a significant cost. It gives the prospective client a way to “raise their hands” and say, “I’m interested in seeing your ideas. ”

Do all prospective clients turn into actual clients after receiving a needs analysis? Hardly, in fact I suspect my initial results are a little unusual right now. That’s why I will probably start charging a small fee some time in the future. (I have seen other freelance copywriters offering similar services for $195 to $400). But for now, it is a way for me to generate solid leads for my freelance copywriting services.

Remember, the client must receive a substantial benefit even if they do not buy any more of your services.

A needs analysis is a selling tool for people who need your services. Until I started offering a free website analysis, people would be left with only a general idea of how I could help them improve their sales message and the selling power of their site. Now they can get a “free sample” of my knowledge and expertise without making a big commitment to me right away.

Offering a Needs Analysis makes your services tangible and concrete. Sometimes the most powerful marketing technique is giving clients a reason to contact you. It boils your message down to a simple formula that is as old as the Bible: “Ask, and you shall receive. ”

freelance copywriter, writing web content, copywriting tips, ghost writer

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