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It occurred to me the other day, that so many people today liken their businesses to the way they eat - fast. Think about it. All over the web we are inundated with. . . make $1000's of dollars a day, make $10,000 a month, make a million by the end of the year. Everyone is looking for the magic formula or the magic bullet to get rich quick. . . fast. They want their business to succeed in the time it takes to get their hamburger or chicken sandwich. No wait, no delay of gratification. I want it now, and I want it without having to work at it. I want to sit back and rake in the dollars, my way.

Those of us who have been on the web for the past six years, realize that just like the businesses we ran off the web, a web business takes time to grow. It is not fast food, but instead like an five course dinner. We start with the drink, the business idea, then go to the appetizer, the business name, mission statement and business plan, then the first course, formalized plan, the second course, the strategies to market our business, the main course, the everyday running of the business, and then comes the dessert, the moneys, we so richly deserve.

We know that it takes time to digest, and we have to go through several courses to get to the dessert. The dessert does not come first. One course builds upon the other, till you get to the end, however, this also allows us to savor our success. Going through the courses also allows us to take a good long look at things, so if we need to add a piece or entrée (make small or big adjustments), we can do so immediately.

If you want to run a successful business on or off the web, remember your business is not fast food, but rather a nice long leisurely meal. Take the time to digest it, and savor it over several courses, and your just desserts will be realized in the end, but the dessert does not come first.

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