Top Speaker Asks: Are Easy Sales Confidence Builders?


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I was pitching a consulting project to a father and son franchisee team, two of the rudest rodents I had ever dealt with.

Apparently, we got our signals crossed.

I thought I was there by invitation, and they thought I was a spy, sent by the founder of the famous company. Within no more than fifteen minutes, after hearing how they were so successful that they were taking “wheelbarrows of dough to the bank, " I was detached from their presence.

Ironically, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me, beating the time a former wrestler in Kansas City tossed me out of his Spartan digs.

How could I appreciate such foul treatment at the hands of fools? That’s easy.

I knew, from that point forward no prospect could be worse, and that is very comforting.

Which of course brings me to my question: Are “easy sales" confidence builders, or do we learn and develop more from the toughies?

As a sales manager I used to help new recruits by feeding them some of my sales. Maybe we rode along together, or they did something nominal, but I’d hand them a fish while I was teaching them to fish, and I figured it was generous and it would keep them aboard until they got their sea legs.

But now, I wonder if I helped or hurt.

Not long ago I decided to reciprocate and award my life insurance business to one of my clients. I asked them with whom I should work, and they told me my business would be appreciated by one of their new hires.

He didn’t last at his post more than a few months, as I recall.

So, our largesse seems to have been for naught.

I’m coming to think that there is no such thing as an easy sale, if we earned it all by ourselves.

There are “free" sales, such as those that I’ve handed out, but they’re different, and sadly they don’t help people to develop. They simply stave off the inevitable for weak people who should find a different career.

Best-selling author of 12 books and more than 900 articles, Dr. Gary S. Goodman is considered “The Gold Standard"-the foremost expert in sales development, customer service, and telephone effectiveness. Top-rated as a speaker, seminar leader, and consultant, his clients extend across the globe and the organizational spectrum, from the Fortune 1000 to small businesses. He can be reached at: .


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Success Speaker Asks: Are You Moving Toward Something or Away From Something?
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