15 Ways To Sell Yourself Effectively In A Job Interview – Part Two

David Bain

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This article is continued from ‘15 Ways To Sell Yourself Effectively In A Job Interview – Part One’.

6) Know Your CV (Resume) Inside Out

Everyone who has ever applied for a job has written their CV (Resume) more than once. If you’ve written your CV more than once then there’s a danger that you won’t know which version your prospective employer is looking at. You cannot let this happen. The best way of avoiding getting important details of your previous experience wrong at the interview is to bring along another copy of your CV for yourself. You shouldn’t have to think about what you did in previous job roles when being interviewed. Knowing your CV inside out will help you be a lot more spontaneous with your responses and aid the fluidity of the interview.

7) Listen To Each Question Meticulously

Don’t presume what your interviewer is going to ask you. Too many interviewees answer the question that they think they’re being asked instead of the question that is actually being asked. Make sure that you concentrate fully on the question and don’t start forming your answer until the question has ended. If you fail to listen to the question fully not only could you answer incorrectly, you’re failing to demonstrate effective listening skills.

8) Involve Multiple Interviewers Equally

You have to prepare to be interviewed by two people. Being interviewed by two people is different compared with being interviewed by one quite simply because you may have to deal with two different personality types. On the other hand, one of the parties may simply be taking notes. However, you need to ensure that you are aware of the role of each party in order to make sure that one of the interviewers’ doesn’t think that you are paying more attention to the other person conducting the interviews.

9) Smile

A smile is worth a thousand words in an interview. A smile not only relaxes the interviewer, it relaxes you. It helps you keep things in perspective. A smile shows the interviewer that you’re approachable and caring. It shows the interviewer that you have the personality to form a good bond with your co-workers and that you have the ability to relate with and negotiate with your customers. Don’t forget to smile when appropriate at your interview. Don’t forget to show your interviewer that you have a lot more to you than the ability to answer questions like a robot.

10) Use Open Body Language

Remember that your interviewer only has one opportunity to judge your personality. Your interview will probably be no longer than an hour and possibly a lot less. That means that you have a very short time to make a good impression.

By ‘closing’ your body language you significantly decrease the effectiveness of your answers to the interviewers’ questions. This means that with the best will in the world, your interview won’t be listening to you talking as much as they should be because you arms may be folded or you may appear too slovenly.

This article will be concluded in ‘15 Ways To Sell Yourself Effectively In A Job Interview – Part Three’.

David Bain is a consultant to - a specialist teaching jobs recruitment agency. U Teach Recruitment is based in Coatbridge, Scotland and brings schools and teachers together from all over the UK.


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