The Multi-Purpose Character of the Innovative Text to Screen Software Products


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Text to screen software systems are the innovative approach to entertainment, marketing and advertising. Such tools are extremely adaptable, easy and quick to use, reliable and very effective in closing the gap between businesses and their targeted clientele. The variety of features comprised by text to screen systems renders such tools perfect for businesses that want to achieve better exposure and promote their services the simple and cost-effective way.

Text to screen systems refer to interactive text messaging software products which allow users to display messages on screens in real time. Such systems are guaranteed to enhance events by encouraging clients or guests to participate actively in games, shows and contests, and also enable users to boost profits through live advertising. The best characteristic of interactive text messaging systems is that they can serve for multiple purposes simultaneously. For instance, such software tools can be used for live chat while also advertising for sponsors. Companies that use such systems can easily combine entertainment with advertising, thus being able to substantially increase profits.

In addition, text to screen software tools are very quick and easy to use, require minimal installation and input, and are compatible with a variety of hardware equipments (digital monitors, projector screens, etc. ). In terms of costs, these innovative systems are not only very affordable, but also have a high ROL (Return on Investment) index.

The applications of text to screen software products include private messaging, which enables people to send messages directly to each others’ mobile phones (this feature is ideal for singles parties and dating events); venue chat (such text message systems are extensively used in night clubs to encourage clients to participate in live chats – the messages can be either signed or anonymous and they can be selected for display both automatically and manually); public messaging (allows for cost-effective electronic advertising); text message voting (simple and efficient method of gathering votes and displaying them live on screens).

Text to screen software can also be used to organize contests with prizes (text message management systems can be used to randomly select winners and send unique identification codes to their phones, codes that can later be used to claim prizes). Other features include song requests / birthdays requests by mobile phone (song requests and birthday requests can be sent directly to the DJ’s monitor via text message) and digital tickets and coupons (this great feature helps companies eliminate printing costs and enables customers to quickly and effortlessly enter in possession of their desired tickets and coupons).

All these remarkable features of text to screen software tools have rendered such products extremely popular among businesses of many different types and sizes. Text to screen systems enjoy the highest popularity in venues such as night clubs, pubs and bars, where they bring a major contribution to local entertainment. Used in night clubs, text message systems create an interactive atmosphere and also help owners built a complete database of all regular customers by memorizing their phone numbers. This way owners have the opportunity to later thank clients who have used interactive messaging to express their ideas, thus encouraging them to do the same at future occasions. In night clubs and other similar venues, text message systems can also be used for organizing contests with prizes, assigning the software to randomly pick a winner from the database.

Text to screen systems can also be used at events such as live concerts, trade shows, sporting events, charitable events and so on. Interactive text messaging systems are renowned for their polyvalent character, being used for a multitude of purposes by businesses of many different types and sizes. The innovative, reliable and multi-purpose text to screen software tools are recommendable for all businesses that want to increase profits and strengthen their relationship with the clientele.

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