8 Ways To Promote Your Business With Tip Sheets

Charles Brown

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Tip sheets are easy to write but can produce huge benefits for your business. I was looking through my files recently and suddenly noticed how many tip sheets I have saved over the years. In most cases, the authors had included their contact information on the sheets that made it easy to get back with them if I became in the market for their services.

I think I am fairly typical in the sense that many people save and file worthwhile information. This makes the humble little tip sheet one of the most versatile marketing tools around.

So (because I want you to print this and save it in your files) here are a few ideas that you can use to promote your business with tip sheets:

  1. Offer your material as “freebies" to interest potential clients. You can offer them on your Yellow Page ad, your website or on your email signature file. They can be used as “bait" to get people to opt in to your email or snail mail marketing list.

  2. Write your tip sheets in a way that will demonstrate your expertise. This is a promotion tool that proves to the reader you are an expert in your field. Condensed knowledge in this format is far more convincing than any form of paid advertising.

  3. Tip sheets make great inserts to go in your publicity kit. It may be the only thing a journalist reads in your kit, but alone it might very well position your pitch newsworthy.

  4. Longer tip sheets can be published as a booklet to be handed out to prospective clients. In this form, your booklet can be given away free of charge or can become a separate profit center if you charge for it. Even if you do plan to give your booklet away for free, Robert Bly recommends that you put a price on the cover to increased its perceived value to the recipient.

  5. Shorter tip sheets can be published as either online or offline articles. Submit them to sites like ezinearticles.com or to trade publications that serve your clients’ industries.

  6. Post your tip sheet on your own website as content. The more useful information you put on your site, the more people will come to regard it as an information resource worthy of being bookmarked and repeat visits.

  7. Use your tip sheets as handouts at workshops or speaking engagements. Never do any public speaking without some sort of free handout. You don’t want your audience to forget you or have no way of getting in contact with you at a later date. Remember that I have saved many of these tip sheets for years. Those authors who had the foresight to put their contact information on them can reap the benefits of these sheets years later.

  8. Your tip sheet can be printed as a panel on your brochure. People are more likely to hang onto and file your marketing materials if they contain useful information. Remember, even if they have no need for your services now, circumstances may change months or even years from now. If your material is in their files, they can contact you long afterwards.

After you have written several tip sheets, you will often find that they almost write themselves. Not only are they a form that appeals to your readers, the process of writing helps you to organize your own thoughts and ideas.

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