Merit Pay for Teachers Should Be Part of the Educational Reform


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Education has always been one of the most important aspects of the life of every single man. High-quality education is the guarantee of self-realization and prosperity in life in any country nowadays. Therefore the educational system has now faced a great problem of the necessity of its reformation. The premise for this reformation lies in the perspective of making the educational process maximally effective. As the teachers represent the group of people who deliver the knowledge to the students or in other words educate people, their work has to be as productive as it is possible. The Merit Pay – is a financial encouragement for those teachers that perform the most outstanding job, a better job. If we take two teachers with the same amount of years of education and experience we can approximately know their salary.

Though their salary can be equal, the level of knowledge and teaching provided by them may be completely different and even irrelevant. Making a Merit Pay as a part of the educational reform nevertheless will complicate the process of evaluation of the eligibility for this pay. One can have a greater amount of years of education but be less worthy of the Merit Pay due to the faulty teaching. But in spite of all the complications Merit Pay is a great solution for the contemporary educational system. It will ensure the presence of quality teaching in schools. It is a stimulus for taking a great step from reproductive teaching to the “creative approach". “Without individual merit pay, teacher evaluations remain perfunctory best"[1].

1. The rules of the Geneva Convention regarding interrogation of captives should be dropped during warfare.

The creation of the Geneva Convection has brought a lot of clarity into the regulation of the relations of various countries. This international set of rules of behavior during wartime first saw the world in 1864. Its main purpose lies in defending human rights of every man. The primary obligation of the countries signing the Convection is “to respect and to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances"[3, A1]. The rules of the Convection regarding the interrogation of captives cannot be dropped during warfare because they are designed to control the attitude towards the prisoners during wartime in the first place. The fourth general rule states: “prisoners of war must be humanely treated and protected from violence. Prisoners cannot be beaten or used for propaganda purposes…"[4]. The convection makes a certain border between interrogation and torture, making interrogation just the information that the prisoner provides on his own will. Dropping the rules makes the Convention void and cancels its basic principles. The decision to stop following the rules may lead to a chaotic and inhumane attitude towards the captives, which will go against the right of any human being. The observance of the Convention regularizes the possible war conflicts. It prohibits: “violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture"[3, A3/1-a], “outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment"[3, A3/1-c]. The Geneva Convention is a necessity that proves to be of great help in the observance of human fight during warfare.

2. Travelers should be allowed to wear the attributes required by their religious beliefs in defiance of security measures.

Of course, the prohibition to wear any religious attributes by the security may be considered as a fact of discrimination. It will never be prohibited to wear anything as long as it may not be considered dangerous for the lives of other people around the carrier of the religious accessory. The brightest example is the situation with the border security. Each person possesses the right to freely reveal his religious belonging. For example Muslim women have their face covered but have to be examined along with the other women. They have to show their face to the security to prevent people form illegally getting inside the country with someone else’s documents. Travelers need to understand that while traveling they are interacting with the outside world, possibly different from their religious expectations. This means making compromises. “The responsibilities of the federal agencies and security activities" [5,3] are to be fulfilled. “Terrorist Prevention Act of 2004" [5,23] obligates the security to intensify their measures in order to prevent unauthorized entry of the state undercover of the religious “inviolability". If the defiance of measures of security occurs, it can result in claiming anything a “required religious attribute". Therefore a strict list of possible attributes needs to be created to show maximum flexibility of the security agencies towards the person’s belief. The travelers should be allowed to wear the attributes required by their religious believes only if they have a peaceful destination and are in no way a propaganda of terrorist activity.

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