3 Reasons Why Sales Professionals Need a Life Coach


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No matter how well you’re doing in your sales career, I guarantee that a life coach can help you rise to an even greater level of success – a life coach could probably even double your income this year alone. That may sound like a bold statement, but I’ve seen results exactly that dramatic time and time again. So, if you’ve never heard of a life coach, or are familiar with the concept but aren’t really sure how they can help you grow as a sales professional, let me fill you in.

A life coach specializes in inspiring you to go beyond the ordinary, to raise your standards and definition of success to a level that you’re truly capable of reaching. Most people will never achieve what they’re truly capable of, simply because they haven’t formed the right partnership to make it happen. A life coach is exactly that – a true partner in your success.

Here are three more concrete reasons why all sales professionals should consider teaming up with a life coach:

* A life coach not only celebrates your victories, but helps you learn from your setbacks. Let’s face it, in sales we have to get used to rejection. But how you use and learn from that rejection is a major determining factor in how successful you can be. A talented life coach helps put perspective on your successes and failures, so you can benefit from both.

* A life coach does not judge you. I’m not saying that all you’ll ever hear from a life coach is a rosy picture of where you’re headed. That wouldn’t be fair and it’s not the way I handle my clients. But what a life coach should do is listen to what you’re saying without sitting in judgment, and without over-analyzing you.

* A life coach gets to know your values, passion and life-purpose …and holds you to them. It’s easy to get sidetracked, to lose sight of what’s truly important for your life and career. A life coach’s job is to help you maintain your focus so that you don’t get sidetracked. Simply keeping you working towards your ultimate goal is one of the most powerful services a life coach can provide. Take advantage of it.

One of the youngest and most successful life coaches in the world, Hal Elrod started his own successful business at age 15, and by 19 had become a record-breaking sales rep. At age 20, he survived a life-threatening car accident and has used that experience to inspire others to love the life they have while creating the life they want. He is also the bestselling author of the new book, Taking Life Head On. Learn more at http://www.YoPalHal.com


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