Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Ron Kaufman

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Do you encourage customer feedback with hotlines, focus groups and in-depth customer surveys?

One car manufacturer was exposed for systematically hiding customer complaints over a period of thirty years. How would you feel buying an automobile from a company with a policy and culture like that?

With your suppliers, what kind of customer are you? If they make a mistake, do you tell them right away and give practical suggestions for improvement?

How frequently do you give feedback to your team members? Are they satisfied with once-a-year appraisals? Are you? Is that enough to keep your people motivated and improving?

Many organizations have shifted from basic ‘boss-to-subordinate job reviews’ to ‘360-degree evaluation’. These exercises include constructive input from superiors and subordinates as well as colleagues, customers and suppliers.

In ‘720-degree evaluation’, each person being evaluated simultaneously appraises those evaluating him or her. These reciprocal exchanges allow a coordinated, quarterly flow of constructive compliments, critiques and suggestions.

Key Learning Point

A regular, vigorous dose of omnidirectional feedback helps individual employees – and teams – quickly learn, improve and grow.

Action Steps

What types of feedback do you give and receive? How frequently are you evaluated and coached on your performance? How often do you share your assessments with others? What steps can you take to improve the flow of constructive feedback to you, from you and all around you?

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