Business Secrets Revealed: 2. Business is Service Oriented


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Product First Service Next:

We understand that business primarily mean production of marketable commodities. Secondarily, we construe that business is service to maintain these products in good condition by repairs and services.

Gets Life Extension:

We aim to keep our products intact for a reasonable period by repairing the break down condition. The product under repair may be a baby toy, kitchen machine or a household article. This could be machinery related to any field like agriculture, engineering, building construction, medicine, automobile, and aircraft.

Regain Full Value:

We may try to restore the original condition of any mobile or immovable property of any size. We desire to maintain and improve upon its utility value.

The broken articles are worth nothing while the repaired goods regain their full value.

More Clean More Value:

Likewise, a landed property is valued less when kept unclean and with poor amenities. Nevertheless, the house property gets a higher market value no sooner renovations made and an approach road re-laid. Adding more comforts and recreations to the occupants, the lodging houses get more remuneration.

Service Guarantee:

Generally, the commodity seller gives a warranty for the product sold with a ‘back up service’ guarantee. The company maintains a team of service persons to carry out their promise to the end users. This is for a limited period.

Service Entrepreneur:

Then, there is every chance for an independent service provider to work for the public. He is a ‘service entrepreneur’ of a specific field or a odd job specialist too. Again, there could be an endless products, structures and machines requiring repairs and maintenance.

Specialized Service Skill:

I was traveling on a motorcycle on a country road. I could understand that my vehicle is wobbling a little and needs a mechanic’s attention. I entered the city and to my luck, there was a mechanic’s shop at the entrance itself. He examined the vehicle, loosened some bolts and nuts, applied a little oil, and tightened. The motorcycle is very much all right for any road now. I paid the required money as service charges and went peacefully.

Here, the mechanic did not give me any product of any nature. He used a little oil only and the balance is his technical skill with employment of his tools.

Tune Up For Better:

Likewise, in general, service industry offers the consumers the service of examining the existing condition and tuning up of the machine in question for better performance.

These service persons get entry into a long list of specialists from various occupations.

In Real Estates:

In construction industry alone, services of skilled persons like pit diggers, pillar raisers, concrete layers, masons, assistants, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, interior and exterior decorators, gardeners are required to assist the building contractors and the architects to make the building a testimonial with all aesthetics.

In Engineering:

Similarly, turners, fitters, lathe operators, skilled assistants are required for mechanical engineers to make machines of customers’ choice. In food processing industry, there is a need of scientific personnel like chemists, microbiologists, master cooks, and skilled assistants besides the food technologist.

As said, requirement of service industry is also very vast and potential in relation to the number of kinds of products.

Intangible asset services:

We are thinking about repairs, service and maintenance of our tangible assets. Now, we shall examine some of the intangible assets requiring attention of some specialists or service providers.

Great Scope for Service Industry:

A few among are health care, entertainment, sports and body building portfolios. These are services provided to the individuals for upkeep of their body and mind. Here also, doctors’ service needs the help of nurses, midwives, anesthetists, lab technicians, intensive care or operation theatre assistants , x-ray and medical instrumentation operators.

Everyone Needs:

Every consumer-durable product needs proper service and maintenance. Every machine needs periodical check up and service. Every woman needs body care in respect of health, obesity, facial and hair care. Every man requires sports and entertainment, saloon service etc.

Versatile Opportunity:

Therefore, the service industry is also very wide and offers immense opportunities to youngsters. You need to participate to serve the versatile requirements of the people world over.

Go. Grab the opportunity right now!

The author is a keen observer of business activities in his vicinity. The article is drawn from his own experiences and knowledge. He is a business strategist guiding young entrepreneurs. He is writing a e book on “Business Strategy for Success in any Business or Job Seeking Activity". Please visit =>HOW TO GET RICH IN ANY BUSINESS?


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