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For decades, businesses and factories monitored the working hours of their employees using time clocks. A particular favorite was the punch card system, where the employee had to insert their card into the time clock, so their hours could be stamped on the card. The payroll officer would then collect these cards each week and pay the employees accordingly.

It's a simple system, but unfortunately it's also very easy to cheat. Joe Bloggs is a bit late today? That's okay, John Doe can pop his card in the time clock and nobody will know the difference. Most companies have severe penalties in place for employees found faking time clock information, particularly clocking on or off for other employees, but the chances of detecting it have always been small.

Not only is the system open to cheating, it's also very time consuming for the payroll officer. With the level of technology and computerization available today, there's no need to manually collate and enter data, with all the possibility of error that entails. Automation can make the whole process much simpler for everyone involved. It's no longer necessary to manually collect time and attendance data from time cards or attendance sheets.

Most payroll systems that are computer based make it easy to produce paychecks from the attendance data. So if the actual collection of the data is automatic, the process becomes so much simpler, and more accurate. Modern time clocks collect data electronically, and this data can be downloaded directly into a payroll software program for collation and production of paychecks.

There are plenty of time clock systems that process information electronically, so do some research and you're sure to find one that fits your needs. This still doesn't eliminate the possibility of employees cheating the system on behalf of a buddy, but if you're serious about security, it is possible to get time clocks that require biometric identification of the person signing on or off. They cost a lot more though!

So bring your business into the modern world, and update your time clock system to an electronic version. Your payroll staff will love you for it!

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