10 Ways a Small Business Can Use Direct Mail Successfully

Jo Ann Joy

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You must decide whether you can create the mailer yourself of if you have to hire someone. To be successful, direct mail must reach the right person, be read by that person, and persuade that person to buy something or to be interested in receiving additional information from your company. The following 10 ways will help your direct mail succeed:

1. Identify your audience and target them with your mailing To do this you must decide the purpose of the mailing, whether you want to target existing customers or attract new customers. Learn about them. What do they like and what motivates them to buy? You must know your audience in order to create a successful direct-mail piece.

2. Create a good mailing list and double check it. Your list must be targeted, accurate, current. There are many places that sell lists if you do not have your own. Review your list to be sure there are no duplications, typos, or incorrect ZIP codes.

3. Create a direct-mail Piece Be certain that your direct-mail piece looks personalized. This means first-class mail and envelopes that look hand-addressed or typed and are hand-stamped. Do not use a postage meter. We live in a fast-paced world, and your message must be short and attention-grabbing. Postcards are great if your message will fit. They are less expensive and more likely to be read. Postcards can be quickly read, and they do not have to be opened.

4. Your direct-mailer must have a call to action Your message must include telling people what you want them to do and how they will benefit. You can accomplish this with special offers, coupons, and discounts that have an expiration date, because people respond to these. Special offers and promotions can track for you which direct mailings work. You can ask people to call you or return an order form, but be sure to include an addressed, postage paid envelope.

5. You must follow up after your direct mailer A good mailer will build rapport and and prepare the recipient for your follow-up. The mailer should give people a good reason for your contacting them again. Good salespeople have a good database, and they send something to their contacts every month or on some regular schedule. This kind of follow-up keeps people aware of who you are and what you offer.

6. Use the direct mailer to gain credibility and authority People enjoy receiving helpful information, and the helpful information you provide will enhance your credibility and authority. You can be sure your mailer is read if it contains helpful, interesting information. Use your knowledge and position yourself as an expert in your industry with your mailer. People will remember you as an authority who gave them good information.

7. Your mailers should have a consistent look and feel. Repetition is a key element of successful direct mail campaigns, and it is important that your mailings consistently convey your company's identity or brand. Display your logo and tag lines on every mailer, and use the same font . If your mailer has a coordinated look and feel, they will do a better job of conveying your company’s identity and they are more likely to be remembered. If you change your mailers, customers and prospects may be confused and/or they will not remember your previous mailers.

8. Set a mailing schedule and follow it For the most part, you should avoid mailing around the holidays, because people are already inundated with mail. You should only send one mailing at a time to the same customer. People become annoyed if you doubling up on mail, and it is not professional.

9. Your mailer should make a good impression. Use good quality paper and do not get carried away with the overall look, size, color. The presentation is just as important as what your mailer says. Never mislead readers by telling they have won something and only make valid claims and promises that you can keep. If you do not, you will drive them away. Make readers feel important and express that you care what they think and want to meet their needs. Never clutter your mailer with technical language.

10. Include your web site and other contact information on your mailer. Make it easy for people to contact you and give them choices of different ways they can contact you such as email, phone, or fax. Be sure that all of your contact information is correct and easy to find. Invite people to visit your store and your web site to learn more about the products or services you provide. As them to mention the mailer when they contact you so that you can track your results.

Direct mailing is not very difficult, but you should follow these 10 tips to improve your rate of return on the mailer. If you can get a 5% return, then your direct mail campaign is a success. Try different approaches until you find the one that works best for your company. Remember that a direct mail campaign is successful even if it does not generate sales, because it brings your business to the attention of potential customers.

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101 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Response
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