How To Dream BIG In Sales

Steve Martinez

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Have you ever thought about where you want to live if you win the lottery? I have, my cottage is all picked out on the Island of Kauai, North Shore. My backyard would be this little cove with miles of open beach. I can smell the salt air and hear the waves rolling on the sand. I can picture myself like a Corona commercial, sampling a beer and basking in the warm afternoon sun. My feet are enjoying the coolness of the water and my stress free life is . . . STOP. Did you escape with me for a few moments? I used all my senses to escape to my dream cottage.

Creating a strong, vibrant image of our dreams is important and we must have a vision of success. We should be able to see, feel, hear, touch and smell our dreams. In sports, professional athletes see their shots reach their mark before they shoot. If you watch golf, you can see how Tiger Woods creates a vision of exactly where he wants his shot to land. If we want to be successful in selling, we must be able to see our customer using our services or product with exceptional results.

Help Customers Dream and We Reach Our Dreams

When we help our customers create a vision for them, they rarely forget the image. We can talk about the features and the benefits of what our product or service does. It won't matter. What matters is how our customer imagines themselves after they buy. They say that stories sell. A story with visions of results sells better.

I'm brought this up because I was helping a client realize their goals and objectives with one of my services. The image I painted was the business owner reaching their goal and imagining his staff celebrating at the end of the year. The staff gathered around and cheered at reaching a goal. The sound of applause, smell of the champagne, image of smiling faces and feeling of satisfaction wrapped up the occasion as the owner tasted success.

It didn't matter that my sales acceleration program guaranteed his results. Sure, the guarantee is nice. The system makes sense and he really can't argue with the analysis. However, what sold the business owner is the image and BIG DREAM he created in his mind.

The next time you are with a client, ask them about their challenges and their dreams. If you understand where they want to go, you have the tools to help them, let their dreams close the sale. We can help this process along if we help them paint the picture in their minds. If we help enough people get what they want, they will help us reach our dreams. Good Selling.

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Your Dream: Use the Big If to Achieve It
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